A Spartan strategy: Ars reviews Halo Wars

Halo Wars brings the world of Halo into the RTS genre, with better-than-expected results. But with a short campaign that features only the Marine faction, this isn't all that it could have been. Ars reviews a game that feels like a dream deferred.

The Good:
* This is a Halo game through and through, and fans of the series will eat it up
* Smart controls for the console
* Missions are well designed, pacing is nearly perfect
* Story fits into the world of Halo well, game includes timeline of events to make sure you don't get confused or to allow you to catch up
* Online modes add longevity, including action-friendly "Deathmatch" mode

The Bad:
* Base-building is disappointingly basic
* Graphics can look bland at times
* No Covenant campaign
* 15 missions can be beaten rather quickly

The Ugly:
* The idea that RTS versions of games could become the new Kart-racing cash-in

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