ZTGD: The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity - Review

ZeroTolerance of ZTGD writes: "Touch screen booty call.

It is always nice to find a game that takes simple, common ideas and creates a unique experience. There is certainly no better platform for this type of experimentation than Nintendo's touch-happy handheld. The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity combines the simple platforming found in countless other titles with the environment manipulation of titles like Line Rider and Kirby: Canvas Curse. This melting of two genres creates one of the most original titles for the DS in quite some time, but it doesn't come without some setbacks. Brutal difficulty and a frustrating continue system make this an experience that doles out more punishment than it should.

You begin the game with one simple goal in mind; to make it across town for a late night rendezvous. You can opt to choose either Felix or Felicity and then attempt to traverse your way across the city in what can be best described as Mirror's Edge in two dimensions. You have no direct control over your character's movement in the fact that once you start running the perpetual motion keeps you going leaving you with the ability to only jump, grind and dodge incoming obstacles."

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