MAG, God of War III may not be out in 2009

Last Friday, SCEA shocked a lot of people when they confirmed their 2009 line up, including titles like MAG and God of War III, two titles enthusiasts have heard very little about. Earlier today, however, Sony sent out a new press release in regards to it's annual retailer and publisher Destination PlayStation conference that contradicts that statement. Though it mainly concerned new software and hardware bundle news for the PSP, it did briefly mention the same '2009 line up' mentioned in it's previous press release.

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pwnsause3523d ago

it makes sense now. It would be kind of ridiculous for GOW3 to release this year, they weren't specific enough when they elaborated on that. Im happy for the game to release before March 2010 though.

blackbeld3523d ago

Agree.. I can save more money now... To many great games coming out now i'm now happy with empty pockets....

shadowfox3523d ago

knew it was too good to be true. didn't make sense for sony to release ratchet, uncharted, possibly heavy rain, and god of war 3 all in the same months. plus every other god of war title launched in march

gauntletpython3523d ago

god of war 3 would have been such a nice cap to the year though. well, hopefully the rest make it out in 2009, and some SCEE/SCEJ games like gran turismo and what not.

40cal3523d ago

I still think that it will hit March 2010 because that is still within Sony's "Fiscal Year".

I am so pumped for MAG that I don't care when it drops, I want Zipper to get as much time and funding as possible for this one.

Johnny Rotten3523d ago

"and God of War® III to hit throughout the fiscal year"

correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the fiscal year end in March?

lsujester3523d ago

Yeah, I think Sony's fiscal year ends March 31.

The first three GOW games all launched in March, so I don't imagine they'll do it differently with this one.

Giriath3523d ago

I've always kept true to my belief that God of War 3 won't be out any sooner than March. It just won't.

SuperM3523d ago

Just because they said fiscal year this time doesnt mean GoW3 wont hit in 09. They didnt say fiscal last time and there is no reason to believe that they didnt mean what they said. After all its supposed to get a release date at E3. Kinda hard to give a release date on the game if its still almost a year away. im thinking as soon as oktober 09

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Deviant3523d ago

enough ...
stupid articles -.-

Truth Hurts3523d ago

M4G, what the crap is that?

3523d ago
Giriath3523d ago

Zipper Studios are making it, that counts for something. They're the developers behind the SOCOM franchise (not Confrontation), so expect MAG to be a refined SOCOM experience with 256 players.

It has potential, but we haven't seen anything about it yet to really have any discussion on whether it fails or not.

interrergator3523d ago

u have a massive failing comment i think that game is gona be really good 256 players thats crazy

frayer3523d ago

Sony wants to finish off the 360 next year...

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