IncGamers: Deadly Creatures Review

IncGamers' Chris Schilling looks at the world of spiders and scorpions.

"A tarantula and a scorpion take turns scuttling through the game's environments, though the game's Deadly Creaturesstory isn't really about them – it's the tale of two treasure hunters (voiced unenthusiastically by Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton) attempting to dig up some loot in the desert."

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thetamer3615d ago

Good review and acceptable score. It's supposed to look amazing.

Leord3615d ago

I love spiders, this seems to be an awesome game =D

AndyA3615d ago

Interesting concept, shame it's such a short game.

Voiceofreason3615d ago

It is a longer game than Heavenly sword, Bio Shock, Call of Duty, Gears, and many many other games this gen. Sure some of those games have online to make them longer but not all do. I am curious when 8-10 hours got to be too short but 5 hour games are the perfect length. Game will probably be longer than RE5 as well

Dorjan3615d ago

Those spiders look crazy!

thetamer3615d ago

Not as crazy as the scorpions.

Maticus3615d ago

Hmm, did a second take at this article, thought I've clicked the wrong site for a minute :P