GDC 2007: Square Enix reveals DS game design tool

Successful, largely Japanese, serious games, such as Brain Training, More Brain Training, English Training, Training of Common Sense, and Cooking Navigation prove that fun and serious functionality can meet. Who wouldn't like an application developed by a reputable software house that enabled you to design your own games? No additional expensive or over-complicated hardware required, no jargon or bothersome coding languages, just a single cartridge that teaches the fundamental principles of game design and provides tools to put those principles into action.

Surely that sounds like the best idea since sliced bread, the wheel and indoor toilets combined?

Square Enix thinks so. At yesterday's Serious Games Summit at GDC, Tadashi Tsushima – a producer from Square's recently formed GB Lab – demo-ed an application for the DS that promises all of the above.

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PS360WII4642d ago

need serious dev tools ^.- Nice to see Square Enix shine onto the DS as much as they have. FFXII: Reverent Wings, FFCC, and It's a wonderful world! Three titles and all of them look really good