Exclusive: The first trailer for Motorstorm: Arctic Edge

The new chapter of Motorstorm will be released for PSP. Enough of mud and tropic temperatures. You should wear thick clothing because we'll meet us at the arctic circle.

The austrian website presents the world exclusive trailer for Motorstorm Arctic Edge.


MotorStorm Arctic Edge also comes to PlayStation 2 in the end of 2009.

jams_shop5323d ago

Motorstorm on the go thank you SONY

Montrealien5323d ago

yeah. I lova motorstorm, this is great news, was just thinking about having it on the go a few days ago, I had no clue this was coming. Great news!

creamydingle5323d ago

HOLY SMOKES that looks awesome love Motorstorm cant w8 for this lucky i got Killzone while i w8 lol

Nineball21125323d ago

I'm loving the snowplow and the snowmobiles!

I also like the factor of potential avalanches. I'd rather play this on the PS3 though.

masterg5323d ago

Looks great..
This will be my first PSP game since Locoroco... yeah it's been a while.

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Dom63905323d ago

I think is the worst possible thing that Sony could have done. This game is taking away from the inevitable next Motorstorm for PS3. The Arctic location is an amazing idea and looks to be brilliant and innovative but now its in a PSP game I don't see it being used in a better PS3 title. What other locations are there for the next PS3 game ? I think PSP Motorstorm should have been based on Pacific Rift or even the original title. I really hope this doesn't hurt the PS3 version to come.

creamydingle5323d ago

The next ps3 version of motorstorm is a long long way away they still havent added new tracks to PR yet now thats something to look forward to.

Harry1905323d ago

for a little education. Motorstorm Artic Edge is taking nothing away from the inevitable 3rd iteration of Motorstorm on PS3. It is developed by BigBigStudios which is a satellite of Evolution ( which has now semi-merged with Sony Liverpool/Psygnosis) and was created specially to develop games for the PSP. That's why Sony has so many first party studios, so as to cover all fronts when it matters.

BigBig may be a satellite studio, but it shares very few assets in terms of manpower with the main Evo/Psygnosis studios. They work of their own accord.

Next time, look for relevant info before saying things like that.

I know I am being a douche, but you were saying something that did not make sense.

nebu1ou55323d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

I don't believe he meant that assets and manpower would be taken from future Motorstorm games. I think that he was more upset that the concept of a snow/ice Motorstorm would be less likely to be used on the next PS3 title since it is now being used elsewhere. That was certainly my concern. I have been hoping for a wintery Motorstorm since the very first title.

HighDefinition5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

That there is snow, means MotorStorm 3 will definitely have snow.


That`s ridiculous.

Godmars2905323d ago

Or, its giving you a taste of what's in the next PS3 version. Snow and particle effects that are going to be that more detailed.

Dom63905323d ago

I am only talking about the concept of Motorstorm 3 and also if you think about it Motorstorm pacific rift was released around 2 years after the original, it is very likely that the third is all ready in development along side the maps for pacific rift. most games have a 2-3 year development cycle.
I was only saying that the Motorstorm games seem to create different experiences each time hence 3 different locals in 3 different games I doubt that they will have the same local again in the next.
I may be wrong but its my opinion and will love to see snow in PS3 version but see it unlikely, and will be playing Motorstorm Arctic Edge when it is released

SuperM5323d ago

I was actually thinking about the same thing. Because i love the concept of this game so i hope MS3 will stick to sort of the same concept. Dunno how likely that is though. Cant think of anything that seems any cooler then this though, it looks awesome.

Godmars2905323d ago

Well, think about the possibility of Motorstorm as an MMO with multiple venues and locations. An option where people can make their own tracks with weather/environmental conditions.

Where else is a game like this going to go?

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Leathersoup5323d ago

Looks cool... but I dunno how that snowplow is getting air at the end there.. It should be going through the ramp. :)

Odion5323d ago

Damn if thats ingame I may by a PsP!

killax35635323d ago

that's not in game. i can almost guarentee that.

the psp isn't capable of graphics like that.

HighDefinition5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

Look just about as good as a PS2 game, and that`s was almost a year ago.

GOW:COO looks BETTER than some PS2 games.

This might not be ingame/in-engine, but I wouldn`t count out the possibility.

SuperM5323d ago

no thats not possible because this looks about as good as the CGI in motorstorm on ps3