Sony Online Entertainment raises rate for Station Access Subscription

Looks like starting April 2 the new price for a Station Access pass will be $29.99/month.

SOE supported their decision by stating:

"We know that rate adjustments are never popular, but the increase is driven by our desire to provide our Station Access subscribers with a consistently high quality entertainment experience, as evidenced by our most recent addition to the Station Access subscription plan, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes."

Could this rate increase possibly imply a monthly fee might soon be applicable to Ps3's online experience? Although the effect this news will have on the price status of PS3's online experience is yet to be known, hopefully, news concerning the Playstation Home Network will clarify the matter.

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SuperSaiyan44634d ago

Xbox Live is only what $50 a year and you can play tons of games online with just 1 subscription.

You would have to be out of your mind to pay $30 a month!! Thats insane!!

specialguest4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

Not to justify the increase in rates, but SOE has always been there for many years and it host only MMORPG type of games.

This is for PC gamers, not PS3.

Subscription gives you access to 10 MMORPG games like EverQuest, StarWars Galaxies, etc. These MMORPG games are massive and I garantee you that if XBL host these type of games, the fee would not be $50 a year.

BubblesDAVERAGE4633d ago

the advid ps3 fan...wat is this about

Lex Luthor4633d ago

After the way they brutally massacred star wars galaxies i doubt they will be getting anyone's money.

D R Fz4633d ago

Could the increase in the SOE online fee mean the PS3's free online experience might eventually have a fee attached to it?

Keyser4633d ago

One day everything will have a fee. Let's hope it's worth it like XBL.