OXM UK: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned Review

OXM UK writes: "Rockstar doesn't do things by halves. GTA IV set the standard for living, breathing game worlds and now the first expansion raises the bar for downloadable content - to the extent that it almost redefines the term.

This isn't a simple array of new weapons or missions, it's a massive chunk of extra stuff - new missions, new weapons, new vehicles, new radio ads, new music, new everything. It's hours of extra material, and brings an experience surprisingly different to that of the original game.

It's delivered through a new storyline based around Johnny Klebitz, second-in-command of fading biker gang The Lost, and the escalating tensions between him and fresh-from-rehab boss Billy. The bulk of the new content remains biker-themed, with new gang-based modes in single and multiplayer and a clear focus on big, explosive, swearing-filled shootouts rather than the gentler, more varied adventures of Niko Bellic..."

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