DSi is useless, company wars rage on, Underground Hype 10

AnalogHype: Long time no see, listeners. We've been a bit on the inactive side lately when it comes to UndergroundHype, but we promise that it's not for nothing. Besides the immense level of guilt making its rounds throughout our "office", we were finally able to record a show and from now on we hope to stay on top of it weekly. Keem, Michael, Marcus, and Quentyn comes together for a long awaited discussion in the depths of gaming. Your baby mama's favorite DJ aka Krome aka Adrian was not able to join us this week, but Marcus takes the reigns as host and leads us into the topics that you see right after the jump.

* EA vs Activision: Round 1, FIGHT! Activision sour over Brutal Legend,
* Our thoughts on Nintendo's DSi and its usefulness/purpose.
* Street Fighter IV was released and we all give our opinions (except for Mike, there's no parrying!)
* Plus alot more! Hit that play button below.

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KeemJ3525d ago

Man we're back son. We got str8 fire in store for these ppl.

PS360WII3525d ago

What's useless about the DSi? Sorry don't have sound were I'm at :( Hope you feel the same about the PSP3000 then ><

HarukoHex3525d ago

actually the DSi has me wanting a DS again, mainly cause it just looks cooler.