Lens of Truth: Killzone 2 vs Gears of War 2 Engine Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "Killzone 2 delivers a visual masterpiece with unparalleled graphics, setting the new bar for this generation. Considering that this comparison was based off the Killzone 2 demo the retail version will only guarantee that Killzone 2 reins supreme amongst the industries best. The only question remaining is "Does it look better than Killzone 2??"


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tordavis3525d ago

Oh my, this won't be good.

Pennywise3525d ago

Wont be good for Sony haters.

Mr_Bun3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I am surprised to see you commenting on an graphics comparison article, seeing as your only concern is "fun factor".

On topic:
Of course KZ2 graphics are better...who was doubting this...especially against UE

tordavis3525d ago

@Mr. Bun - Correct. See my first comment.

shingo3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Killzone 2 looks even better than what's shown in that video. The video isn't doing the game justice. I have the game and playing it on my Sammy HD TV is beyond UNBELIEVABLE. There are so many parts in the later levels that make you think the game is seriously a REAL PAINTING that came to life. Respect to GG.

Mr_Bun3525d ago

I find it odd that you classify yourself as "unbiased" yet you only use the "PAAG" argument when the article claims that the PS3 is superior....denial?

marinelife93525d ago

Wow just Wow. Gears got embarrassed by a demo.

Makroyale3525d ago

This has to be a first...

The 360s best exclusive graphically...

Just got owned by... A demo...

That's very telling...

king dong3525d ago

that thing is way past it's best. gears2 will be all the best that engine can do. the unreal3 engine is nothing compared to the kz2 engine. capcoms MT framework engine crushes the unreal engine aswell.

but, let's be honest now, the unreal engine is already over FOUR years old. it cant really be compared to kz2s, or other newer more moden engines.

after looking at the lost planet trailer, imo capcom now have the second prettiest game engine in the business. i thought the first lost planet slaughtered gears, the second one almost "killzowns" it lol.

dont slam the disagree and run, lost planet 2 will come to the ps3 aswell.

Pennywise3525d ago

Kingdong, I agree... UE3 is played out. Its shiny and bulky and always looks the same. Its the generic engine in the industry that epic whored out. The passed this sucker around like collection plate at church.

evildeli3525d ago

Can't wait to see what the release looks like in comparison to the demo. I'd like to see an evolution of Killzone from pre-rendered a few years back to release date.

king dong3525d ago

this gen for a time, was nearly in danger of becomming remembered for the generation of the unreal3 engine. lots of lazy devs have used this instead of investing time and money into their own engines. i just hope epic make something more notable next time....especially from the obscene amount of royaltie payments they have recieved from all the studios that have used it.

it's already reached it's pinnacle for the current hardware configurations imo, and i would like to see it being fazed out from future productions. gears1 was almost the max of what the unreal3 engine could achieve. they optimised it so much, there was nothing more they could squeeze out of it for the second. apart from a broader colour pallete.

thank god for talented and commited dev teams!

arika3525d ago

gears of war 2 the best game of xbox 360 got owned by a demo! lol! how worst can it get.

Danja3525d ago

Gears 2 got hammered into the ground by KZ2 in that video...

arika3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

i think its time for the whiners to assemble or disassemble?! lol! its a make or break for a lot of fanboys.

STREET x KING3525d ago

what the hell... i know Gears2 looks better than what was shown in that video.
either way KZ2 looks so awesome!!!

rubarb233525d ago

and yet for all the hype kz2 has generated, i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make the top 10 list for March's NPD numbers.
When was the last time a ps3 game was in the top 10 anyways? ps fanboys get so excited over ps3 exclusive games, they forget to buy the damn things.
what does it tell you that at a high price point the ps3 is selling really good yet their software ain't?
There is no doubt, kz2 has raised the bar. it's the new graphics king, well until heavy rain hits, that shiznit looks better than real life yo, back to my point, although kz2 looks better, lets see kz2 sell as good as gears 2.

MNicholas3525d ago

it is. Gears has been exposed. It's flashy and eye catching but in the way of shiny black 87 Firebird Trans Am at a used car lot with the same el cheapo "shinola" sprayed all over the steering wheel, dash board, and tires as well as that extra bit of new car smell spray to cover up the stale cigarette smell. That's the UE3 engine for you.

Then again Gears 2 is not the most technically advanced game on the 360.

II Necroplasm II3525d ago

Let's compare Socom Vs Gears 2


Traveler3524d ago

Or...let's compare Halo 3 to Killzone 2. They're both FPS after all.
That would be a fun comparison, don't ya think?

herbaldoctor73524d ago

the king of graghics is crysis, everyone who has a monster pc knows this, but the game was alright nothing special, average shooter. almost photo realistic graphics. this game in terms of graghics destroys killzone and gears combined but killzone has best gameplay and physics.

N4g_null3524d ago

Why even talk about Gears2 when lostplanet 2 is coming! Have you even seen the game play wow! It's like gears of war times 10! Capcom is really flexing some muscle! GG did a good job on killzone2 but I may just have to buy a 360 for lost planet 2, This is what I've been wanting to see on HD consoles!

Seriously to compare graphics is like comparing another developers art team to another. The only way to compare engines is in spec and features. Seriously a bullet list would end all of this but I'm sure no one at GG will post their feature list.

Seriously lost planet2 is going to be good!

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II Necroplasm II3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

5 years of development ( Budget $50m-$60) vs. 1 year and a half development (Budget $15m-$20m. UE3 has pretty likely used up about all of it's power.

I would say killzone 2 wins :)

jaidek3525d ago

I hope you are being sarcastic. From a business stand point, Gears of War series is far more profitable. They have released two games in the time that Killzone 2 was made. I agree that Killzone 2's engine is amazing...but you can't expect to release one game every five years. Lets hope that GG releases Killzone 3 in a year and a half now that their engine is established. Or better yet, license the tech over to other Sony studios.

II Necroplasm II3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Why would anyone compare a FPS with a TPS to start with..
Ofcourse Kilzone 2 is the new king.

Gears of War 1 only took $10 million to make so no matter how much killzone 2 rapes Gears in power, it still doesn't take away what power the Unreal Engine has, and Unreal Engine 4 will have a lot to offer in the future.

Why o why3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

the engine is complete now. It wont need 4-5 years to make another game. UE engine didnt just pop out of think air you know. Its actually got a number on the end to prove that. Now GG just need to tweak rather than build from the ground up

na2ru13525d ago

Roughly over 3.5 years of development. Correct me if I'm wrong I'm not certain.

Pennywise3525d ago

Sales, Sales, Sales... all these new school xbox gamers care about. Sales & profits.... I wish I would of bought stock like they did so I could be a true gamer.

Le Idiotce3525d ago

Gays at war 2, the game that pushes the 360 to its absolute limit, has been massively humiliated and urinated on by KZ2, a game that is hardly pushing the PS3.

Completely owned, xbots. Like I said last year, your misery isnt about to end. It has barely begun.

SAiOSiN3525d ago

Lol, it was shown in 2005 as a cgi target render. The game has been in development for 3.5 years tops buddy.

PotNoodle3525d ago

Gears of war 2 already had a base to work of, of course it didn't take aslong to make.

Put GoW1 and 2 together, that is a more realistic comparison because Killzone 2 had to build everything from scratch, EPIC had not only the original gears to work off but they also had the updated UE engine they had already worked on.

Graphics Whore3525d ago

The engine is done, why would it take another 5 years to build a game from scratch when they don't have to. Oh wait, I'm in the open zone right?

People never make sense.

king dong3525d ago

stfu your the biggest idiot i've ever seen on the net...and i've seen loads. lost planet2 will destroy gears2! then what are all you little know-nothing fanboys gonna say about the 360 being maxed by gears, when lp2 is surpassing it by far margin????????

no console has been maxed in 3 years. grow up idiot.

HDDVD183525d ago

and it ran at 600p and looked way worse than any x360 game

Killzone 2 pwns gears 2 . no way of denying that

Microsoft Xbox 3603525d ago

jaidek, you need to realize that the Killzone 2 engine was being co-developed while making the game. It will be used in future PS3 titles. Gears 1/2 were made on an already existing engine, which explains faster dev time.

Le Idiotce3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

The 360 has been maxed in 2 years time, not three.

That’s the downside of having easy architecture. Easier to develop with, comes with a price.

And look at them stupid bots. Now Lost planet 2 (a game which never excelled or looked good) is now suddenly going to destroy KZ2. Gotta love xbot LOGIC people! It makes absolutely no sense at all and evolves as xbots seek further justification in their ever eroding arguments! According to these stupid xbots, the KZ2 target render was IMPOSSIBLE to do on the current consoles JUST A YEAR AGO. Today, suddenly every fking xbox SHIATHOLE game, is going to surpass KZ2. Fking ridiculous retards.

Not only is it fking ridiculous, but there ever decreasing amount of games being developed for the 3RROD60 really shows when an xbot is using LOST PLANET 2 to rebuff KZ2 supremacy over Gears of war 2. Frikkin LOST PLANET people, a game that didn’t even sold ¼ of the original Gears of war. Hahaha un fkin believable.

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Jarralz3525d ago

Killzone 2 better !! agree..

GOW is good TOO..

RudeSole Devil3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Gears of War 2 holds its own for sure, but Killzone 2 just looks unbelievable. New KING!!

negative3525d ago

I played the Killzone 2 demo over the weekend and last night popped in GOW2. While Killzone looks better it's not a "holy sh*t what a difference" sort of thing.

GoW2 is still very impressive. Anyone who disagrees is a Sony Fanboy.

hakis863525d ago

I can't open Lensoftruth's page, so I was lucky to find the video on Youtube

LastDance3525d ago

your right...god of war 2 is good.

Jinxstar3525d ago

I agree with Last dance and blueshirt. God of War 2 and KZ2 are amazing. I feel they wont hold a candle to God of War 3 though(Or GoW3 =D however you like). Friday is close. What a good time to own a PS3 eh last dance and BS?

Ph1d0sX3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

If you can't access the website... this link should download the HD video directly


beatrixkiddo3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

@Rude sole,

"Gears of War 2 holds its own for sure, but Killzone 2 just looks unbelievable. New KING!!"

I agree!! KZ2 has become the new graphics king for consoles, but it wasn't held previously by Gears 2. MGS4 held that title hands down!!! Still can't believe the graphics in that game and if they look better in KZ2 i will be BLOWN AWAY!!!

Booyah3522d ago

Maybe its me... but i can only see the differences in the lighting department... which KZ2 dominates, but i dont see the difference in graphics.

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solidjun53525d ago

I'm just going to drink and eat and watch the carnage.

"it's going to turn the cold war into a blazing hot one".

-Major Zero