Dark Sector Trailer

D3 Publishing release a new gameplay trailer for Dark Sector this morning. Dark Sector is an upcoming third-person shooting game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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InMyOpinion4632d ago

I added tips about this video but with commentary about a week ago. No one picked it up. It's nice to see people on this site are biased towards certain tipsters...

Scrooge4632d ago

That looked excellent! I love the weapon from that movie "Krull".

Rasputin20114632d ago

Dark Sector aside I have noticed others complaining of the same thing Jenzo...I have no idea how it happens. I attempted to post some screens(and only screens) of 300 on PSP and it got reported as a duplicate story but the news that was currently posted on the game did not have screens along with it so it confused me on WTF.

Violater4632d ago

Almost as if Resident evil is going to get some good competition.
I just hope that things work out that new games like this get programmed with rumble for the PS3.