Video of Killzone 2 Battle Replay

Gamezine: Watch a video of the newly revealed Killzone 2 battle replays.

It's not far away from the release of Killzone 2 and with it comes the relaunch of

The website includes a newly announced multiplayer feature: Battle replays are created for any and every multiplayer match that consists of at least two players who have completed one round.

These recordings, which will display how each game unfolds, will be stored on the Killzone site for two weeks. Hopefully they'll help clans detail their successes and failures to make sure they're next battle doesn't include the same mistakes.

The battle replays are recorded from a strategic birds-eye-view perspective, giving you the best view to dissect your team's movements. Here's a video of the feature in action.

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PixlSheX3576d ago

Finally, I'll record my clan matchs, like counter strike. Excellent!.

Kleptic3576d ago

yeah this is awesome...

I hope the Home space rumors are true...where you can watch these things in real time (or right when the match finishes and 'publishes' to the website) from within Home...watching a major battle between two big clans with tons of valor on the line would be completely awesome...

that is all rumored by Seb too...but GG went all quite on the Home space right around the end of the who knows what actually makes guess is it won't be something like Far Cry's pointless space though...

techie3576d ago

Maybe it's like Warhawk's space...

Blademask3576d ago

This isn't exactly what I was expecting. Thought they would record it via a spectator youtube thing, but seeing as how that would be impossible...

This is more like a football play thing.

crazypuppet3576d ago

Thats the best feature ive seen in a while. I was getting ready to post a comment saying that halo 2 had this 4 years ago, but this is way way better. I'd take this over saved films any day.

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techie3576d ago

Love this feature :D Going to be useful. Can't believe they'll be able to record every game automatically :O

ASSASSYN 36o3576d ago

:0 Thats what people said about Halo 3!

HDDVD183576d ago

please dont compare an overrrated game like halo 3 with kz2

ASSASSYN 36o3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Your right I shouldn't compare it. Because the recording options in Halo 3 far exceed this measly crap. Killzone devs could have come tougher with a better replay option if that "overrated game like halo 3" could manage realtime recording, multiple viewers of one clip, saving, and sharing of video clips and/or entire game play. I guess the quality ends with the cute graphics for killzone 2.

grantps33576d ago

thats so cool.

cant wait till friday

techie3576d ago

friday? servers are up tomorrow :D

SpitFireAce853576d ago

I wonder when the site will relaunch right on release day or a few weeks after.

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