DirectX 9 and 10 Comparison Shots. Any Difference?

Shacknews just posted a bunch of screenshots for some upcoming 360 and PC titles. The one title, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has screens in both the DirectX9 Variety and the DirectX10 Variety. The difference?

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grifter0244242d ago

On the Dx10 the Draw distance is considerable longer and further away.. I dont know what happen to the dx9 since it just seems like the background wasnt worked on or something....The light in the jungle looks considerably darker then the dx9.... It actually seems like your in a jungle... overall they look pretty good but I think dx10 wins but thats just my opinion.

specialguest4242d ago

I'm not sure if the exlusion of the extended background and lighting was done or purpose or not for the DX9, but that seems to be the obvious difference. The more suttle difference is the slight richness in color for the DX10 version.

Yo Wassap4242d ago

looks to me like a bunch of programmers who don't know how to use the software very well. The DX9 should have looked a lot better than that, i don't know about DX10 though.

Leo Atrox4242d ago

The DX10 version is visibly better in the screen shots. Better lighting effects and draw distance are instantly noticable. But what you can't see is what really makes DX10 so cool: The smoke animation at the "camp". If only you could see how the smoke reacts to character interaction in both versions. You'd be much more amazed at the difference.