Mass Effect 2 to be "emotional"

NowGamer: In an interview with 360 magazine, Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka spoke on the emotional impact he hopes Mass Effect 2 will have on players

"At the end of the day we want people to feel something," said Muzyka. "We want them to be emotionally compelled; choices have to have consequences that are emotionally impactful..."

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Zeus Lee3527d ago

Just like Gears of War 2 right?

lol,look at how that turned out.MARIAAAAAAAAAAAA!

tatotiburon3527d ago

oh sir forgive, it was an honor, i'm so gay i love you nathan please forgive me...PUM!! end of story....lame

Nelson M3527d ago

What is a PUM ?
And having played R2 I cant for the life of me remember cappelli saying
"i'm so gay i love you nathan please forgive me"
What are you on about !!

Le Idiotce3527d ago


Oops...sorry maria.

Magic_The_Celt3527d ago

LOL you guys should watch this, cogs of war, funny stuff

i hated that part.. i suddenly loathed dom.. like i already didnt need a reason (follows you around all game, no help at all, usualy sits in the corner and asks retarded questions)

Aquanox3527d ago

No game's storyline in this generation comes close to what Mass Effect 2 was, with the exception of perhaps, Bioshock, but said this, laughing at Mass Effect producers promise of a good story is just a sign of total ignorance.

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DelbertGrady3527d ago

The conversations in Mass Effect made me stop and think about how to answer. Especially the ones where your party members confronted each other. Very engaging. I also spent lots of time talking to them inbetween missions just to get to know their stories better. The voice acting and manuscript in Mass Effect was really good. It's one of few games this gen that has seriously absorbed me in the main story as well as character stories. Going to give it another replay before Mass Effect 2 comes out.

Also, if you are hesitating about what rpg to get for the 360, and don't already own Mass Effect, you know what to do.

Foxgod3527d ago

I agree, Mass effect is like an awesome book.
It requires some intellect to truly enjoy.

And in before haha Mass effect is a book and not a game remarks.
But it sure is a game, its a game on the same level as a great book.

DelbertGrady3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Would you rather have more Hiphopgamer headlines?

I'll give you some:

* Halo Wars to go toe 2 toe with Killzone 2???
* Sony aims to outsell the 360 in 2009!!!
* Microsoft releasing new Xbox this year???
* Alan Wake going multi???
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Is that news?


Why is this news?

Foxgod3527d ago

Cause we already know how each square inch of killzone 2 looks like.
Mass effect 2 we hardly know anything about, so its news.

hence the word is called news.

Blademask3527d ago

The same thing was said about Mass Effect as well. Was said about Gears2 as well. Saying your game is going to be emotional is stupid.Which i dont even think bioware did this time..Having your game be emotional is fine. Implying it as if its some sort of selling point, which is what the title is doing, is silly.

Square didn't release a press release saying "FINAL FANTASY 7 IS GOING TO BE EMOTIONAL" it just was deemed so by the community.

Just saying, if your RPG isn't hitting any emotional strings, its not doing its job. Its inherent with the genre & the close story relationships you form.

It is exactly like saying:

FPS - "This game will include action!"
Sim - "This game will simulate driving!"
adventure - "You will find things in this one!"

Everyone is looking forward to ME news. Anyone that knows the type of game, knows there will be emotion in there.

DelbertGrady3527d ago

But you had no issues with this youtube comparison between Killzone 2 and Gears 2?

Is that less sensationalistic? I see you commenting all over the place without qustioning the quality of the submission.

I can agree that the headline of this article is sensationalistic. But the content has some interesting info. Tells us ME2 will be darker and that it's coming to "as wide audience as possible". That means it's probably coming to your beloved PS3, so you can relax.

Sayai jin3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

@Soda Popinsky - I am with you on that one. I will definately replay the first ME right before this is released. I do this with all the good games right before they come out with the next version of the game. I did it recently with Resistance.

Off topic....Ignore it, people will usually step up there troll/fanboy attacks when they receive news they do not like about their console. Even when faced with actual unbiased , legitimate, etc news or info they will still deny it. All fanboys on N4G do that, but today was one of the more memorable...take a look at a certain article in the top of N4G's home.

Gamers game, period.

DelbertGrady3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

True indeed. It's pretty obvious that N4G has some deal with Hiphopgamer. His "news" of recent always reach the top of the hottest posts. If you read the headlines they describe the news at 1000 degrees and over as "PS4 unveiled" and such. Groundbreaking news, not fake rumors. So what the hell is Hiphopgamer doing there? =)

Then he had one of the N4G mods (Catastrophe) as an intern in his latest episode. A bit harsh perhaps, but saying N4G is "in bed with" Hiphopgamer might be closer to the truth than one would think ;)

Game on!

Bucky Sligo3527d ago

Damn dude, maybe you should take your sensationalist crusade to the killzone "news" posts, but of course you wouldn't ;)

Anywho, on topic. ME was already quite emotional, ME2 sounds really awesome. I hope it's not too emotional like Gears 2.

poopface13526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

will it be more emotional then when I told taht guy he was gonna get blown up, cause I had to save tities.

blow-- hahah yeah like trying to be a good person vs "im a specter, die scum"

andyo133526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

in otherwords, pussified

but yeah im just kidding. i know nothing of this game except the first one got blown up on fox news cause it showed 2 seconds of ass

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RadientFlux3527d ago

I for one felt the first game was emotional as well. Though it depended on your approach/attitude you took with everyone.

tatotiburon3527d ago

there is any confirmation that ME2 will be in PS3?, why this news is posted in PS3 section?


Because EA don't do exclusives?

Foxgod3527d ago

its not posted in the ps3 section, and its not coming to the ps3, until confirmed otherwise.

BRACHATTACK3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Truth hurts doesn't it xD

Later, before i lose another bubble.

@ Below

ok then.

Which coward did? Have some decency and tell me why you took my bubble.

Foxgod3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

i didnt take your bubble.

i didnt.

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