Details and first in-game screenshots of Fable 2

Peter Molyneux, the man behind Fable and Fable 2, held a presentation a few hours ago at the Games Developers Conference that is currently taking place. Not only did he mentioned some new details of the game, also the first footage has been shown to the press.

Fable 2 will feature a side-kick in the presence of a dog, which you can raise yourself from puppy to a large grown-up dog. It's up to you if you want it to be nice and friendly or strong and agressive. You can also command the dog. Molyneux calls it a 'risky feature' but also something 'you have never seen before'.

It is also possible to have sex in Fable 2. Not only with people from your own race, but also from other races. New is the option to have protected or unprotected sex, which can lead to pregnancy. Since you can choose to be a man or a woman, you might even give birth to your own child.

Unfortunately Molyneux also said that Fable 2 won't make it this year, which means that the game will be released sometime in 2008.

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eques judicii4640d ago

its a little misleading... it implies that details and ingame footage is not coming this year.... when in fact, it is the game that is coming this year and the link contains the ingame footage...

sorry to nitpick

zerofunction4640d ago

"Unfortunately Molyneux also said that Fable 2 won't make this year, which means that the game will be released somewhere in 2008"

deadeyes994640d ago

I'm pretty sure that's not entirely in game, it looks more like a subsidized demo more than anything, i'm hopin' it'll look allot better

Scrooge4640d ago

Protected sex? I can't imagine latex being in production during the era of this game. But then again, it is set in a ficticious world of magic, goblins, elves, potions, swords, and I suppose condoms...

Anerythristic264640d ago

I think it's hilarious how people are reacting to this protected unprotected sex aspect. Trust me it's not going to be graphic. People are really overreacting.

I bet you a bargain bin game it will go something like this... You take a mate ALOT like you did in Fable. Now when it's time to have a child a little square box will come up asking you ( Do you choose to have a child Press X - Yes , Press B - No )and that is the protected unprotected aspect of the game in it's entirety.

Rasputin20114640d ago

I want this game and I do not care about the freaking sex aspect because honestly it does not make up the entire game.

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