WorthPlaying Preview - 'Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.'

WP writes: "When it comes to console flight action, Namco's Ace Combat series has been the de facto king of the hill for years. Not content to let Namco rest on its laurels, however, Ubisoft decided to take the Tom Clancy license in a new direction with H.A.W.X. First announced early last year, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. is an arcade take on the classic flight sim model.

High on the priority list for the H.A.W.X. developers was accessibility. They knew that fight sims can sometimes alienate mainstream gamers simply because the genre tends to rely so heavily on the "sim" part of flight sim. If you're a hardcore fan, that's awesome, but the average player just wants to get into the action. This is one of the reasons why MechWarrior sold more copies than Steel Battalion.

In keeping with this concept, H.A.W.X. defaults with the game's assist mode on. Assist mode is a basic sanity check designed to prevent novice pilots from making simple errors, like slowing down too much and stalling out. The assist mode won't prevent you from major screw-ups, like flying into the side of a mountain, but it does remove a good deal of complexity from the mechanics of flight. Think of it as an invisible autopilot."

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