Something About MadWorld That May Make Selected Wii Owners Sad

Kotaku: Upcoming black, white and red Wii title MadWorld is a unique looking game. It runs, however, in 480i and not the more HD-kosher 480p.

Surprised? IGN's Matt Casamassina noticed the game was running in 480i while capturing MadWorld videos. "Usually, lack of 480p support can be credited to developer laziness," writes Casamassina. "No way such a claim can be leveled at Platinum Games or MadWorld... I'm wondering, then, if the studio simply wasn't aware that 480p is 'kind of a big deal' for a chunk of Wii owners."

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Nugan3527d ago

Woo, more high quality copy/paste reporting from Kotaku.

This is an odd development choice though and I can see why it might irk people with HDTVs. Although if MadWorld is worth even a fraction of the hype that it has been receiving, I suspect it's something that most will be willing to overlook. (Personally, I have a standard definition TV, so this won't be a factor in my decision about buying it.)

gaznutta3527d ago

Hey guys the Wii is beginning to grow up! quick we have to find a way to stop it becoming bigger than it already is. I know-- We'll attack one of it's biggest games by saying it cant be HD.

Higher Definition = replicates light from attached pixels giving image more clarity within colors.

Madworld = Black and white. At present Black and white can only be altered by use of contrast and HD makes absolutely no difference to picture. In fact you will even lose detail in Hd due to white areas being taken as lights when in actual fact they are graphics.

You can examples of this several times in world at war on the ps3. Look within dark areas to see the graphic folds appear as if under torchlight. Now imagine Madworld with tons of white in the game, see doesn't work does it.

Madworld is the turning point for mature games on the Wii and we are already seeing huge developers moving teams over LIVE WITH IT!

phosphor1123527d ago

With a black and white (+ red) game, I think that would be enough to strain the eyes, so why is it so difficult to make it progressive scan? being 480p is a lot clearer than 480i, because to get the same picture as a "p" setting, the "i" must render and output 2 frames in order to create the single progressive frame, thus creating more of a flicker, more tearing, and more headache. Progressive should be the new standard, thats why watching a computer monitor isn't as damaging to the eyes as watching an SD tv.

And yes, it does show laziness in the devs. Super Mario galaxy looked great but also supported 480p. So why can't Madworld? It only has to render 3 colors (plus the shades) so it shouldn't be THAT graphically intesnive.

3527d ago
Voiceofreason3527d ago

Yeah people are gonna pass on the Wii Game of the Year over something as simple as an I instead of a P... At least Wii games deliver the standard. unlike PS3 who promises 1080p for every game and yet the biggest games cant even reach 640p in most bases. Now which sounds worse really paying 600 for 1080p and getting 640p or paying for 480p and getting 480i..

Product3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

wow kotuka in their week old news.

via Kotuka,via cubed3,via many Via's you need?

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