Climax promises a Wii horror revolution

Climax has dropped further hints as to what its secret Konami project could be, saying that the game will be a "stunning and refreshing take on the horror genre."

The developer has already openly revealed it's working on two projects for Konami, one for PSP and Wii, and another for 360 and PS3, as it shows clearly on its homepage.

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vimmo3522d ago

Silent House of the Dead Space.

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Sharpshell3522d ago

I am wicked excited! I remeber playing dead space think that it would be great on the wii but I hate when they jsut port a game over or I dunno, created some kidn of gun rails shooter counterpart. However a survival horror game made for the Wii from the ground up could be really exciting. Is discussion about graphics really aplicable here? I mean there are so many options available for SH games such as prerendered or even painted backgrounds.

I mena if the game looked as good as any silent Hill on the ps2 or Resident Evil 4 on the wii thats fine. In fact I would go as far to say that this is a good thing because the dev might actually focus on creating a scary atmosphere rather than impressing with highly detailed backgroudns which actualy remove an aspect of tension. Which is a trap I feel dead space fell into...

I'm excited, all Wii owners should be but sadly I predict poor sales... sigh

Panipal20053522d ago

I would love it if the Wii became the survival horror console of choice overnight. Check these out:-

Fatal Frame 4

Cursed Mountain

Winter (without a publisher, NEEDS a publisher)

The Calling

THAT is called potential

Voiceofreason3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

WTH was even wrong with what I said? It was the truth and nothing wrong with it. Just another case of Sony running N4G with fanboy mods. Let me say it again Mod.

I'll pass on this. If it was made for PSP at 333mhz, no way it will look good or even use the full 733mhz of the Wii. Nothing fanboy in that so deal with it or go mod another site you POS coward. Always deleting my posts for no reason. And wont even explain what is wrong with them because you also know there is nothing wrong with them.

Anyone know how I report a fanboy mod? No reason to delete my post and the POS will never explain why.

@truthbetold, Exactly what I was saying.
@steven If you wanna think it was a last minute thing go right ahead but if you had played the Wii version of Tenchu and saw how the controls were laid out you would know this to not be the case. The game was designed with the gimped control scheme of the PSP in mind. No reason for the game to be so stiff on Wii when it actually has a fully functional control scheme. 1 analog stick movement and no IR use is all I need to see to know it was made with PSP in mind. Stil la fun game but it was obviously held back form all it could have been to get more sales with the game on another platform

Jdoki3522d ago

I didn't see your original post, but in response to your MHz vs Mhz claim; just because the speeds of the two machine are different doesn't mean a lot in real terms in this case.

The PSP is utilising the 333MHz to run a device with a much lower res ouput - 480x272. The Wii is outputting 480p, so normally 640x480 equivalent on most TV's. You just don't need the Mhz to process for a lower resolution as there's not so much data flying around; in addition they are different architectures.

Comparing Mhz to Mhz of two wildly different machines is apple to oranges. It's the same as if you compared the old AMD Athlon speeds to the Intel chips - a 2GHZ Athlon would wipe the floor with a 2GHz Intel - different design architecture, different performance. Factor in other equally important things - like GPU, RAM, bandwidth - and it's still a tricky comparison.

Also, regarding the fanboy mods - people see what they want to see. Recently there was a post that was pro-Xbox360, very anti-Sony and contained outdated and incorrect information with no sources. It was reported numerous times - and yet an Admin with a level of 10 pushed the article though in a single click - not exactly a case of 'Sony running N4G with fanboy mods'.