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GamesAreEvil writes: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand feels a bit watered down, like a stock made out of a single Gears of War 2 disc boiled in a hundred gallons of Glaceau Formula 50. That's not to say the game has no merit, just that it's often trying too hard to play catch-up and never quite succeeding.

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CrAppleton3548d ago

The first one sucked so bad.. but this one actually looks pretty polished.. and scored better than I thought it would

JohnR3548d ago

fiddy cent is so sexy

CrAppleton3548d ago

LOL... So is that what's going to sell the games?

JohnR3548d ago

it has sold it for me

thealienist3548d ago

i cant see anyone buying this

CrAppleton3548d ago

50 cent fans I'm sure already own it

nos4speed3548d ago

The first one didnt really suck too badly at all, its easy to see why alot of people didnt like the OTT fiddy shootin up gangstas in teh hood story but the graphics were sweet and so was the gameplay, and not to mention the extra content to unlock which is great for fans of fiddy n G unit. But yeah the first one was definitly not for everyone, this game looks like fiddy's just said yo man i wana b in call of duty! make me game foowl! =P