30 Signs That You're Addicted to WOW

Vigster writes: "World of Warcraft addiction is a serious issue. Overseas there are actually rehab centers dedicated to this terrible affliction. Many of us have heard of the terrible tragedies of players actually dying due to too many red bulls and three days of hard core grinding. For some of us we are in denial, WoW is only a game that's it. We forget that we only shower once a week, and all we eat is take out because there is not enough time to cook and get ready for a raid. As a way to help my fellow gamers, I've comprised a small list that will help us all face that addiction head on and spend more time in the real world.

If you're uncertain whether you have an addiction to WoW, check out the list, and see how many ring true."

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jjesso19933526d ago

one of mates can say yes to all the ones on that list lol every one got blow jobs from his gf the other night she offerd him one and he went no i am buying gold he spent £120 in one go on gold and is 17 and not lost his v and missed all exams becase of world war craft now that is being addictid lol

The_Firestarter3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Honestly, don't you really only need one sign to show you're addicted to WoW? Wouldn't that be you spend an ungodly amount of hours online?

IDK, but one of my friends a couple years ago was seriously addicted to WoW. Seemed to be pretty unhealthy. :(

SH3MRON3526d ago

I laughed because I played WoW for two years and yep all of those are signs you are addicted now that I've quited I laugh but its still sad for a lot (millions) of people.