"It's time for our industry to grow up' - David Cage

Talking about his upcoming PS3 title Heavy Rain in an interview with D+PAD, Quantic Dream's David Cage has stated that he feels it's time for the games industry to "grow up".

"I think it is time for our industry to grow up and explore new possibilities instead of redoing the same games with the same old concepts over and over again," Cage said.

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butbutbuttehcell3550d ago

He does, but he's forgetting quite a lot of things. Publishers want as little risk as possible. So games like COD are favourable instead of new franchises cos they're always gonna sell loads, so there isn't much risk. Heavy Rain looks intriguing (as was Fahrenheit) but if it doesn't appeal to a wide enough audience and bombs then he won't be able to keep making games with entirely new concepts. Obviously it'd be great to have a load of completely new types of game but the tried and tested ones are clearly fun for a lot of people so the devs just want to expand on it for the fans, not start over

Chris3993550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

- Drake's Fortune
- Bioshock
- Heavenly Sword

All pushed the boundaries of theme/ acting/ script in some way. We need more games like this. Sure, it's good to have "fluff" run and gun type of stuff, but compare the medium to cinema (which is what the gaming industry seems to be emulating with their "blockbuster" and "AAA" mindset): if every movie was B rated and tailored to a 10-20 year demographic, how interesting would that be? The themes in modern games are very basic, just enough to give a reason for the action. Plot holes and stereotypes abound.

Personally, I want more games that make me "think" or "feel". Not all the time - as video-games are a source of relaxation and I don't always want to be emotionally invested in something - but certainly more than I am able to currently, considering the software available. Something more tailored to a mature audience, and not just because of the gore and profanity and accompanying age-restriction.

@butbut. Good point. I think that we as consumers, have to prove that there is a viable market in this type of software first. This is, after all, a business first, art/ entertainment (the verdict is still raging on that one) second.

Leathersoup3549d ago

Heh... Jack Thompson would love this article.

N4g_null3549d ago

This is not going to happen....

If you take one look at these post boards you will see it's like trying to make crash for 5 years olds. They will not care.... Basically it's time for guys like this to move on to some thing else that is more grown up, like say movies or books.

It's funny but I always wonder what thing would look like as the avg gamer age got higher and it make me shutter. It's like watching a bunch of arm chair football guys argue yet less entertaining.

Seriously it's time for adult gamers to return to the PC if they want this. Like it or not console are for people that are young at heart not people who need to feel grown up.

Their is an air of high art nose uppery here, yep I made that up. Have you ever notice when people are not truly into to some thing they always try and change thing? Seriously these critic needs some thing to be critical about. Stuff being fun is objective and most of them are out of touch with what a gamer wants.

Blademask3549d ago

Yea, some games will stay the same. But I'm glad that Quantic Dream has a chance, a CHANCE to pull off something different for a different audience.

Will the kneejerk shooter fans love it? Probably not. Do the Madden fans love RPG's? Probably not. There are games for everyone, and everyone doesn't have to LOVE all genres to be a gamer.

Indigo Prophecy was like nothing I've ever played before, and Im definitely looking forward to what they have new for Heavy Rain. But stop with the BS about Publishers.

If Sony/Microsoft wants to just make a quick buck. Ivnesting in expensive consoles wasn't the way to do it, look at handhelds and nintendos gaming and copy that to make just pure$. But some things are more important than just money, Sony gets that. And thats why they are leading in gaming technology innovation and creative titles.

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Fishy Fingers3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"Rather than displaying more polygons or having a physics engine, they should start to offer meaning.”

Kind of ironic then that most of the attention HR is receiving is for its gorgeous visuals. Still, David Cage is a story teller at heart, spending over a year penning the script, I'm expecting something very personal, very different and engrossing. I dont think I'll be disappointed with the result.

Cartesian3D3549d ago

they use it to explain their deep story (with best face motion capture evar!)
its like comparing a PEN in leonardo davinci's hand and a PEN in Cliffy's hand.
both are PEN but one of them will create Mona Lisa.

for them , Graphics to Story is like PEN to mona lisa.. it means Graphics will create a game, but its NOTHING.

FreestyleBarnacle3549d ago

For that to happen it has to become a medium than anyone will make part of their lives. The Wii may allow for games to reach a critical mass of where they become part of culture instead of a subculture. It happened with film and it happened with rock and roll. Both required people who have grown up with them to get into positions of power and influence. A situation which the Atari and NES generation are in now. Now I shall stop rambling and get back to work. Adieu

somelikeithot3549d ago

thank god we have people in this industry that are willing to push the boot out regardless if anyone wants it or not, and hats off to sony for investing money and effort in these people knowing they are not setting the world on fire sales wise. We are in a position now that allow us to do some truly epic things in games which just couldn't have been done before.

Rayko3549d ago

Yeah, all we see on 360 is mainly shooters. 97% of all games always contains weapons, grenades and millitary clothing. Maybe that is why Super Mario Galaxy got the Game Of The Year award in 2007. Heck, even Resident evil changed from being this myserious, horror, suspense game to a boring action James Bond look a like game. It is so boring that every game has to turn millitary. I wouldnt be surprised if next Mario and Zelda games will be FPS games.

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