Making Killzone 2 Proved Too Much For Amsterdam's Power Supply

Kotaku writes: "Killzone 2 looks set to be the biggest, loudest thing to yet land on the PS3. But did you know it's so big, and so loud, that Amsterdam's power supply couldn't cope with its development?

Yup. As the game's production drew to a close, developers Guerilla - who are based in the Dutch capital - saw their team size swell from around 45 employees to around 200. And the poor old power system running through their block in Amsterdam couldn't cope with all the extra juice all those extra computers were sucking down.

So Sony had to fork out for a diesel generator to be brought in, so that Guerilla weren't forced to develop via candlelight and pedal-power."

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ThatCanadianGuy3526d ago

Behold the power of Killzone 2.

PS3istheshit3526d ago

man thats so powerful
at least they got free weeed

Ghoul3526d ago

"at least they got free weeed "

smoking at worktime or between will give you the boot, what do you think that every dutch is stoned all day ?

Foxgod3526d ago

Even tho weed can be sold here, its still strongly regulated, also the number of weed smokers here isnt nearly as high as it is in France or germany.

I personally never touched weed, and never fill, because i dont want to delude myself, i do can tell if you walk into your office smelling like weed, youl be on the street 5 seconds later.

Why o why3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

try coke. Its undetectable;) They are very strict on weed in Dam. Stricter than the UK. Foxgod, are you The Mart or do the dutch have you guys in pairs. Beautiful country by the way and the country that gave birth to Dennis Bergkamp and Robin Van Persie.

Foxgod3526d ago

No, i am not the Mart, i dont own a ps3.

villevalorox3526d ago

See this tells you they worked their ass off.

Why o why3526d ago

so you come in pairs ¬_¬ ....ok

uie4rhig3526d ago

just got an email from that my copy has been shipped :) it says allow 3-5 days for delivery (usually been the next day so far from :))


Yipee Bog3525d ago

good to see a non-ps3 owner interested in a ps3 exclusive game

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Graphics Whore3526d ago

I saw this along time ago in the dutch 'making of killzone 2'.

Foxgod3526d ago

200 people and their power supply busted ?
The company i work at here in Amsterdam (Government company) has 17.000 people working for it, and no power supply here is busting.

Kushan3526d ago

Probably just the local power box (at the end of the street or whatever).

Foxgod3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

indeed, and that isnt very impressive, i can pull that off with a microwave and a vacuum cleaner.

I meant that a power supply like they have in the Geurilla building can be fried with a microwave and a vacuum cleaner.
Not the place i work at, that can take a whole lot.

Cdaja3526d ago

First you say your work building's power supply works just fine. (If it is a government company build it better support a crap load of people) Then you say you can overload your place with a vacuum and a microwave. That is a little contridictive. It is not hard to know the difference between a government building and just a local build that suddenly went from 45 computers to around 200 that is a hell of a lot of extra power.

3526d ago
darkdoom30003525d ago

a microwave and a vaccum cleaner? what kind of run down appartment do you live in?

Also, why do you keep on going to the Ps3 section? Stay on the X360 section will ya?

evrfighter3525d ago

wtf who the hell DOESNT have a microwave and a vacuum cleaner?

are you some sort of grandmas boy who gets their tv dinners baked in an oven or something?

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cyclindk3526d ago

Sony's killing the environment for PS3 owners!!!

They should have used cleaner energy though, but sacrifices must be made...

Foxgod3526d ago

Dutch energy is the cleanest in the world, all our powerlines are underground, so we have near zero spikes, and hardly ever black or brown outs.

Nobody in the Netherlands uses Power terminators or overvoltage protectors, because they arent needed here.
Problem is the aged power equipment on their building.

Jellzy3526d ago

I think he's just reffering to those diesel generators and not there actual local power supply. ;)

Foxgod3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

those are only used on illegal house party's here :)
When a powerout occurs here its usually fixed in a under a few hours.
So i find it very hard to believe they had to use a diesel generator.

TheDude2dot03525d ago

I'm fairly sure that diesel is a lot cleaner now. Probably better than unleaded.

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Chaoticsoulx3526d ago

Those 200 people must have been using super computers to drain that much power, haha

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