Tomb Raider Underworld - new content available now

The delayed Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content 'Beneath the Ashes' is now available to download from the Live Marketplace. The price is 800 points, but is the additional content going to be worth the price of entry?

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Dannagar3522d ago

I enjoyed TRU. I don't mind paying 800 point. I wonder if it has 250 more achievement points?

Deios3522d ago

Yup, It has more achievement points.

Myth3522d ago

I hate the fact that this content was part of the full game and Microsoft told them to take it out so they could later charge for it as DLC. It pisses me off.

SonyRulz3522d ago some proof to back up that whiny-ass statement? Of course you don't...because it's BULLSH1T. Just like with GTA4, this is BRAND NEW content, completely SEPARATE from the main story. It was NEVER part of the original game; it takes place AFTER the events in TR:U

aggh im on fire3522d ago

will be playing this tonight. Really enjoyed underworld

CAPT IRISH3522d ago

i still have to get the game