Heavy Rain Producer Lashes Out Against Hollywood Actors

The gaming industry and Hollywood have had a very close friendship for quite some time. Whether it was about making game-based movies or movie-based games, the two branches of entertainment have collaborated quite nicely. Such is the case with voice acting or even real-life acting, for which big companies like Electronic Arts bring Hollywood actors to give them a true representation and add another feature to the games they will be in.

But it seems that actors such as J.K. Simmons or George Takei, who starred in the recent Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 title, don't really care about video games, according to the director of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, David Cage. He recently revealed this in an interview in which he motivated the fact that no famous actors had brought their voice to the future game.

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Rip-Ridah3528d ago

David Cage is stating his opinion regarding some big name actors and their attitude towards having a role in a videogame. I am sure that he speaks from experience. I have read the whole interview from which this originated and David Cage makes some valid points. I agree with him when he says that Hollywood will soon look to the videogame industry for talent. Let us hope that the actors in Heavy Rain do their parts justice. I'll be the judge of that the day this game is released.


N4g_null3528d ago

I don't know about that. I have friends in both and really it's way easier in the movies industry. Your resources and funding is crazy compared to what we have to do on consoles. I think the biggest problem games have is the fact that we get the guys that could not make it in the movies a lot of times. I mean really look at the art in movies verse games and you will see what I'm talking about. They are too different things and if Gaming keeps asking for respect we will not get it.

If heavy Rain becomes a hit then part two will at least get some actors agents on the phone. Another thing is his agenda. Isn't he the one who claimed that his digital actors could replace real ones? Good luck on finding help guy.

From his tone I think thats his point though... it's all digital.

DaTruth3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Said this about Ray Liotta in Vice City. He said Ray Liotta was acting like he was too good for it and after he found out it was so popular, he said he "should have asked for more money."

It's a shame, because that was a highlight in video game acting and one of the best characters ever.

They should get Samuel L. Jackson, he's a real class act in all acting.

GVON3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

sure the same thing was posted the other week

full interview

Magna Farta3528d ago

I agree with this completely. My first issue with H-Wood actors doing game voices was with Spider-Man 3. I remember the voice acting in it was god-awful, except for whoever played Mary Jane, because she was the only one who wasn't played by her film counterpart. Toby Maguire and Topher Grace did horrible jobs voicing their characters, yet they probably got a bonus in their contracts for doing that that was worth about 5 years of my salary.

And did anybody hear Edward Norton's monotone voiceovers for The Hulk game? Man, if I was a producer for a game and heard a professional actor sound like THAT, I'd tell him not to let the door hit his ass on the way out.

DaTruth3528d ago

Ya, but look at the quality of said movie games. Spiderman, Transformers were horrible and I have yet to see a good movie game. It would be strange if they had great voice acting and horrible everything else.

N2NOther3528d ago

You must have missed The Chronicle of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay...Bet movie based game ever.

Magna Farta3527d ago

Sadly, I did miss that game, but there are always exceptions to the rule, and I heard Vin Diesel did quite well on it.

Bathyj3527d ago

That sort of proves his point. The reason Vin was so good is because he DOES care about games. He's a gamer himself and he cares so much he made his own games company to make his own games. Now thats love.

If its all just dollars and cents you are going to end up with a souless product. If the loves not there baby, the people will know it.

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GrandTheftZamboni3528d ago

I don't know if Anna Torv from Fringe can be considered a Hollywood actress, but she put her heart in voicing Nariko in Heavenly Sword.

GameGambits3528d ago

Last I checked Samuel L. Jackson is a household name and he voices in Afro Samurai.

I bet no one would know who David Hayter was if it wasn't for Metal Gear Solid. I think his voice acting is amazing. His voice really makes Snake for me, because I can't even begin to imagine someone elses voice for Snake.

I do agree though that a lot of games severely lack good dialogue/acting. So many JRPGs before voice acting were more popular, because our minds filled in the gap for how they'd sound. Now when it comes down to JRPGs it's just unbearable to listen to. I also think at this point if a JRPG gets put out in the USA and it doesn't allow for Japanese voice overs it should get knocked off points in its reviews. It's an EASY thing to add in.

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