Father knows best: Son can play Call of Duty (by Geneva Convention rules)

Joystiq writes: "Hugh Spencer is an awesome dad. Not only is he active in his son Evan's life, but he's a pretty funny guy. When Evan told him he wanted to play Call of Duty: World at War, Hugh eyed the T-rating for the game and worried that the content might not be suitable for his son. So he thought of a compromise.

Introducing the Geneva Convention to Evan, Hugh said he could play the game, but only if he and his team followed the rules set forth in the GC. What makes this so funny is that, in all honesty, the Geneva Convention has no place in this particular FPS. You're not taking prisoners in the game, and even if you could hear the opposing team's cries for mercy online, what could you really do? You can't round them up, place them in shelter, and feed them 3 meals a day. That game is called The Sims."

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poindat3524d ago

I don't see how this can work, but hey, at least he has some sense to set limits and guidelines other than just shout "GAMEZ R EVILE!!!! BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN"

Kushan3524d ago

As daft as it sounds, it does make sense. It's hard to say to someone "You can't play Call of Duty, it's too violent!" when really, it's a depiction of WW2, a war everyone fought in. It would be hypocritical at the least and downright disrespectful at most (to all those who fought in the war) to try and hide it from people.

CrayzeeCarl3524d ago

12 year olds did not fight in WW2.

PainisCupcake3524d ago

Boys as young as 8 years old fought the Russian advance in Berlin in 1945!

raptorjacob3524d ago

maybe the grandparents (those are the only people old enough) who actually fought in the war dont want their grandchildren playing that game where they have fun killing other people. its different to learn about the war on a documentary, then to learn about the war from a video game.

Arkrite3524d ago

Armed 8yr olds were captured by American soldiers in Aachen Germany

ThanatosDMC3524d ago

I totally agree with you. It's so ****ed up of what happened on the Eastern front. How Germans and Russians suffered. Though a lot more people died on the Russian side.

CrayzeeCarl3524d ago

Wow! I'm ashamed to say I didn't know that. I don't think anyone in their right mind would encourage such a thing, however.

kickaski3524d ago

thankfully there are only mutilated adults in CoD, otherwise it would be weird.

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Mutley4163524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I only let my kids play...If they can carry a positive K/D...And they must talk a little trash in the

bigboss9113524d ago

young girls were given sniper lessons in Russia. Even old ladies. They had drumer boys in the American Civil war that was like ten. Look up the facts before posting please lol.