Fading Exclusivity And The Rise Of The Unified Console

Josh Rai on writes: "Today I am directly looking at the PS3 and 360, and what it means for them to have third-party games go to each console. Sony launched the PS2 in 2000, and by winter 2001, they had four big third-party exclusives: Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto 3, Final Fantasy X, and Metal Gear Solid 2. Those games, along with Gran Turismo 3 and a $100 price cut, cemented the PS2's dominance last generation, and was a major reason why PS2 has sold the largest amount of consoles to date.

Jump ahead to 2009, where the 360 and PS3 are pretty close in worldwide sales. The only exclusives are first-party, or DLC, and the price of entry is still high, even after 2 or 3 years (depends where you measure from) from the start of this generation."

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TheTwelve3523d ago

Agreed. Competition rules. As much as I want Microsoft to lose, I like them being there to make Sony do their best. As well as Nintendo. Having everything unified never works---it leads to socialist and communist thought which dampens innovation and creativity.


Cryos3523d ago

"And why has this not already been done? The only solution I can see is one unified console made by many companies."

3DO says hi.

DeadlyFire3523d ago

Maybe one day a unified system will show up, but it will be at the end of the war and losing parties will shift into game development like what SEGA has done. It will be a long while before Sony or Microsoft drop out of the race and Nintendo still can hold its own as well. Competition hasn't killed anyone yet so the war wages on for another decade or so. Not likely that either of them will back down. Its possible in another 5-10 years other parties might jump into the fray as well. EA is mammoth and if they made a console with some exclusive games then it would have its own sector of the market. They already publish half the games coming every year.

SaiyanFury3523d ago

Competition drives innovation, that's what history has shown. Having a unified console, developers would get lazy and would no longer push themselves as hard as they are now. Moronic idea.

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darkwing3524d ago

I guess Killzone 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, inFamous etc.. are going multi-platform too :facepalm:

Leio3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Unify?? no thanks i like it this way good competition is good, everything is not just about software but hardware also.. Besides no fanbois = no fun :)

ThanatosDMC3523d ago

I agree. N4G would be so boring when the two extreme sides stop having their pissing contest. News would be slow and POG and ummm... who's the most rabid PS3 fanboy?.... yeah, that guy. It'll be boring.

badkolo3523d ago

As much as i dont like the idea because of the reasons we all agree on such as lack of innovation and complacency that would occur, but to be honest the way we have it now is no better yeah ms forced sony to add a hd and to beef up online with psn but at the same time look at it, sony added the hs and blueray and psn for free but psn still isnt as good as live and the console isnt number one. MS made live better but didnt add a HD nor did they go with a new High def format, so where did competition get us. Yes it forced the hands from all sides but not by much, would it have been any different if ms wasnt around or nintendo wasnt in the game, yeah of coarse, the ps1 or ps2 would of been around much longer etc.. so yeah competition forces the others hand a tad.

But at this point in time, they all know what we want, innovative gameplay, new ways to play games, online, hardrives, hdmi, dlc etc... we want alot more and they know this. At the same time we need to look at the devs making games, they have it harder because they need to make games for more then one system and that costs more , wastes more time and holds the games back form being what they should be.

For all the negatives you can think of by combining sony and ms on a future system i can(anyone can) raise the same amount of positives. With the ability to add updates and make the system better like we have now and with the ability to patch games or add dlc to them i think Now is the perfect time for them to make one universal super system and concentrate on better games, let the devs improve games because there is less stress and more time can be given to improve games.

I rather devs improve games for one system then worry about if a unified system is delivering new and exciting stuff on that system during its life cycle, we all know the dash can be changed so the system can improve if need be but how much have they improved on thier own as things stand now. Having seperate systems like we do now hasnt caused ms nor sony to improve the system any different now so why would that change if they where unified, at least games would be better and maybe cost of games would go down.

TheTwelve3523d ago

The positives of everything being unified would only be for the short-term. In the long run, we gamers would be hurt by it, and end up paying far too much for un-original crap.


badkolo3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

If having each company have its own console solely because we are worried that they wont innovate then i ask you this, other then then what ms brought to the table with hard drives and a better robust online experience what has either company done, both have failed with cameras, both have failed at many things.

Maybe years ago it would be a issue but if they got together and made a new console we know they would add new things to it and add the features we have now and every new console takes features form the last gen and takes them to the next level and then form there it stays like that and little by little they add stuff through updates, even now they only innovate slightly so i dont feel that would hinder a one console world much.

The one thing everyone keeps saying is NO that would stop innovation.
Well here we are with ps3 and 360(wii excluded for now) both have released and are out for 3 and 2 year respectivly, other then home,nxe what have they innovated, what have they dont so drasticly that can only be done by having competition.

GrabthroatShinkicker3523d ago

There are positives and negatives to both console futures... But, as gamers, we don't have much control over what will happen. If there was a unification, I bet not many gamers would reject it and swear off of gaming altogether - that'd be silly. The same people claim that PC gaming isn't dead, and yet, that's sorta the same world as the unified console idea.

TheTwelve3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Badkolo: HDD, Blu-Ray, HOME, 3D Gaming(coming soon), motion-gaming, wireless gaming, wi-fi gaming, console-to-handheld gaming...etc...I can go on...

...all things that were seen as advantages to one console or another when it first came out, all coming out of competition and desire to gain the upper hand.


P.S. And I would disagree that both have failed with cameras---check out a game called Eye of Judgment.

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