id: Some of Our Brands Could End Up on Wii

GameDaily Biz had an exclusive interview with Steve Nix, Director of Business Development for id Software, thinks the Wii is "fantastic." However he states that

"since id's always been about taking revolutionary steps in graphics technology, the Wii's really not a great platform for that part of our strategy because there's just not a lot of horsepower there. We've looked at what would make sense, some of our older technology, to get up and going on the Wii, because people have expressed interest in licensing tech from us that would be for Wii games, so we're still figuring out how we can do that. Some of our brands could end up on the Wii. But our new stuff, the next-generation stuff we're doing, there's no way that it could run effectively on the Wii."

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ChickeyCantor4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

ok now the titel has changed.

i would like doom 1&2 with free look !
( i dont care about the pixels! oldschool for life!)