More details on Lost Planet 2 coming Wednesday

Capcom sent PS3Center an e-mail earlier saying that the official press release for the title will be due out Wednesday and a few more details may just slip out in it. PlayStation owners especially should keep an ear out - it's likely to be revealed whether or not the game will be coming to the PS3 then as well.

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Zeus Lee3527d ago

Who cares if it's on Ps3 or not?

I honestly just don't care what Capcom does with this series.

pwnsause3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

i dont care about this game either, but what I do care about is the engine that powers it. they have recently upgraded their Proprietary engine to 2.0. Im expecting alot of changes out of this engine. One such change is making PS3 development on that thing easier for the Capcom Devs. another change is making sure that the game is %100 equal on all 3 platforms.

I want to see games like the next DMC or the next Megaman to be powered by this engine.

alster233527d ago

well i guess its multiplat.

sonarus3527d ago

It would be more surprising as an exclusive that as multiplat at this point

7ero H3LL3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

if it's multiplatform then why did the head of LP come to only XBL speaking of urgent news that lost planet 2 is coming?

what was the whole point of that?

TOSgamer3527d ago

Maybe it was to advertise the game to people on xbox live? If it was an exclusive I highly doubt MS would pass up the chance to slap "Only on Xbox 360" at the end of the trailer. Plus if they didn't pony up the dough for Dead Rising (which I and most others think is a better franchise) I don't think they would spend the money on Lost Planet.

sonarus3527d ago

If its exclusive why would they email PS3 center...whats up with that? RE5 got a lot of early love on 360. I remember the first reveal for that was with 360 as well

SasanovaS7773527d ago

what developer would send an exclusive content to a platform it isnt coming out on? if they sent it to ps3center, then obviously its a multiplatform...the only reason they are advertising on 360 is because of same crap with RE5...i wouldnt be suprised if 360 got a lil bit of extra content

Aclay3527d ago

Well, this is what I think. Why would Capcom port the first Lost Planet to the PS3 if they had no intention of bringing the second game to the PS3?. If Dead Rising is now multiplatform, I see absolutely no reason why Lost Planet 2 will be exclusive.

The Xbox 360 version may be getting Exclusive DLC, maybe the demo will be released first on XBL, or maybe it will be a timed exclusive, whatever the case may be, I'm pretty sure Lost Planet 2 will be multiplatform, and in addition to that, Sony and Capcom have a pretty good relationship.

But if for some reason Lost Planet 2 is exclusive, I sure wont be loosing any sleep over it.

Danja3527d ago

it will be a timed exclusive at best...but even if Lost Planet was exclusive tot eh 360 , do ppl really care that much...

Lost Planet sucked was sorta cool...but the game was mediocre at best..

but as was said by AclayPS3.....why would they port the original game tot he PS3 if they intended to keep it 360 exclusive,...??

besides...Dead Rising getting mt money...

RememberThe3573527d ago

But if it's really a 360 exclusive then I'll just rent it for the 360. Isn't it great owning both?

green3527d ago

I am quite sure it will be multiplat.

xabamo3527d ago

The first one was a damn good game and it was underrated. I can't wait for the second one!!! Multi-platform or not, it looks amazing.

I thought for a second the initial scene was CGI, but to my suprise it wasnt!!!

Hoping this will come out in 2009! SF IV and Lost Planet 2 in one year? Gotta love Capcom.

Marquis_de_Sade3526d ago

Is this Microsofts' new ploy? We've gone past exclusive DLC, now we're onto exclusive multi platform game announcements!

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Why dis3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Sure it is where is the quote?

They're going through all the trouble for a 2 day exclusive showing on XBL lol.

Could this engine even be ran on PS3?
LP for ps3 was like 30% inferior and all other Capcom games are inferior on PS3. Love to see how the supposed PS3 version turns out with a new superior engine lol.

TOSgamer3527d ago

Wanna put money where your mouth is?

SasanovaS7773527d ago

wonna put a brain where ur head is?

Obama3527d ago

haha I would love to see pog's face when this game is coming the ps3.

Why dis3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Its going to be inferior on PS3. What a waste PS3 fanboys in the west hate the game.

Where is the quote is all I'm asking... Did PS3 center bug the sh*t out of capcom and when Capcom finally replied PS3 center twist their response?

Change you user screen fool.

pwnsause3527d ago

PoG, stop hiding with that name, we know its you.

Why dis3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

You don't care about this game?

Lets see If I can find you in the other LP rooms, lets see if you made more than one comment in then.

EDIT: You're in every single one of them at least tree times lol.

What exactly are you people disagreeing with? I asked where is some more proof and stated capcom games are superior on the 360 plus LP2 will even be worse on PS3 than LP was on PS3, whats there to disagree with?

pwnsause3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

As I said before, I dont care about this game, I care about the engine. and of course to shut your trap about whether or not its exclusive to the 360. We are currently in a Recession. you see, in a recession, there is money thats being lost all over the place. so for the gaming industry to stay alive in a Recession, they have to bring a game to every single platform and profit from it. that's why capcom will never go exclusive this gen. The only thing that's exclusive these days is DLC, and that is something half the world doesn't care about.

There are more games that interest me more than LP when it comes to capcom games, like Dead Rising 2, the next DMC or the next Onimusha. If the Co-Op is good, then I dont mind picking it up.

Edit: People disagree with you, because you are an idiot fanboy. The only reason why LP2 will be superior on the 360 is because of DLC, That is all. The Technical aspects of the game will be %100 identical on both platforms. MT Framework has been updated, and because of that, there is more PS3 tools and support than ever on that engine, making it easier and simple for Capcom devs to push and optimize the PS3's Hardware even more now than ever before.

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gauntletpython3527d ago

On the one hand, it's odd that they announced it the way that they did if it's not at least a timed exclusive. Then again, MS loves to slap you in the face with that 'only on XBox' stuff, but there was none of that here. Plus, the other game was multiplatform too...

Guess we'll see Wednesday.

3527d ago
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