E3 2009 Showdown: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

It's only February and gaming journalists globally are already preparing for the trip to L.A. for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. Today is looking at what games will go head to head at this years show for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. From the looks of it Microsoft better show something big at E3 or this might be the year Sony's console could start outselling the 360. To be honest; it's already apparent that the Playstation 3 is bringing it's A-game, especially with Killzone 2 launching next week. Obviously both Sony and Microsoft are going to have to bring a lot more to the table at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo than games already announced. Our inside sources have confirmed to us that both will have a number of new games (both original IPs and sequels) to announce during the press conferences.

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UltimaEnder3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It's going to be one heck of a E3 this year, especially with all the pressure on Sony and Microsoft to compete with the powerhouse of hardware sales that is the Wii, both companies have strong games already announced but I am really looking forward to what is not announced and will be shown at E3 for the first time; get ready!

As of today Sony's announcements excite me more but Microsoft can take that back with a few big title drops! What are the N4G commenters looking forward to?

Valkyrie833548d ago

For me I am still looking forward to Microsoft's E3 appearance, as well as Square Enix and what Activision has to show-off; check out for a full list of the E3 2009 exhibitors!

Danja3548d ago

im looking forward to Sony's presentation the most..actually...

hoping they announce atleast one huge game that no one saw coming out...

wanna hear something on R&C M.A.G..and most of all...


also...wanna see what M$ can do to top last year show..what mega-ton can they drop this year.. GOW3 ...losing exclusivity ? lol.....yes I know it's a Sony IP..for the ppl with no sense of humor..

and for Nintendo....just give us a release date for Pikmin 3....and F-Zero announcement..XD

40cal3548d ago

is the game I want more info on the most, and hopefully something on Alan Wake.

original seed3548d ago

because unlike Sony they have not showed any games except for Halo ODST. Im also looking forward to 'Bringing it Home' on Live. Also looking forward to MAG. I really want a HUGE open world FPS online. Huxley was suppose to deliver but they've been MIA.

N4360G3548d ago

I can't wait for SONY's E3 2009 presentation!!

reaferfore203548d ago

Is Nintendo even going? I wanna know what games should convince me to buy a Wii.

Rock Bottom3548d ago

I'm looking foreword to see Team ICO's game...

If they ever decide to show it that is.

Lawliet3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Every year Sony amuse me with their presentation and stage e.g. you know. They usually bring something new to the table creating a new refreshment of the year of gaming. So I have no doubt that Sony this year will do the same, but what's bothering me now is with the announcement! Please do not repeat the same old stuff over and over again and please stop with the PS2! Anyway, time extension needed for Sony E3 conference, as it needs to be about 10hrs long to cover up all the exclusive games this year!

Real Gambler3548d ago

Sony: Definitively want to see more MAG... Can they truly pull it off? For sure, they will promote Home and show up all kind of new stuff for it. And I guess they will likely have turned around since Square Enix became friend with Microsoft, and may likely show up some RPG, including some of their own.

Microsoft: They have said during last E3 that devs can now have game install (making room for Square Enix announcement). It seem like Forza (a racing game!) will be coming on two disks! So I expect way more HUGE games with install. They may also open the download limit on live so they can push full games as well. And sure enough, they need an new big name. Halo, Gears and Forza can only do so much. In fact, I suspect they will show their own new game engine, and a new shooter built around it.

Nintendo: The usual... All the old funny characters coming back. New peripherals. They would not show up, and the box would still sell!

MasFlowKiller3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I dont think sony will show us the 5 secret exclusive JRPG we hear of a while ago but i hope they do cause i want more JRPG or at least give me a WKC release date.

also hope SE gets their act together long enough to show something promising from FFXIII cause the gameplay and graphics shown in the last trailer made me take it off my most wanted list

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frayer3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Sony announces a new or old ground breaking ip that upstages everything. Microsoft presents multiplatform games exclusively as a means to perpetuate their flagging spotlight in the face of Sony.

Valkyrie833548d ago

Some of that may happen but the people that complain that MS is "buying" there way into the spotlight are full of junk; all three of the major hardware company's use money/power to create games, buy exclusives, and push product on a daily gets old real fast! Why can't MS use money, Sony spends extra to put a BR player in the PS3 and no one sees that as a waste of money to dip their toes in an extra entertainment market?

Danja3548d ago

Sorry dude...but can't agree...Blu Ray is one of the main reasons why PS3 exclusives are so amazing..?

MGS4 is proof of that
GOW3 is proof of that
KZ2..2GB..per level...come on now...

Sony made the right choice..and it's paying off for us gamers

militant073548d ago

ps3 games take more space than 360 games.

the size of resident evil5 demo on ps3 its 2x more than the 360 version

ps921173548d ago

All I have to say Team ICO, can't wait to see there work of art, and obviously want to see more of MAG, GG may start on there next game, and NG may join them, obviously sony hiding 75% of there developers from public, so can't wait to hear from them as well.

reaferfore203548d ago

Wouldn't it be swell if TeamICO made an open-world type of game like Shenmue?

Valkyrie833548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

DUDE, don't even bring up Shenmue; easily one of my most-favorite games of all time....what every happened to that six-part franchise?

We need a next-gen update as soon as possible, Alan Wake reminds me of an American Shenmue; without the sailors...

Danja3548d ago

if you have a PS2 or PS3 with BC..I recommend picking up...Yakuza 1&2 pretty awesome games that sorta plays like shemnue well not quite but there are some resemblance there...

SEGA needs to so give us a release date for Yakuza 3 at E3....that would be amazing

DarkArima3548d ago

when I think Alan Wake...I think Alone In The Dark
Alone In the Dark(need fire to kill monsters)
Alan Wake (need flash light to kill monsters or so the devs say)

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HarukoHex3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

i want to see team ICO hit, but it would be nice if there was some new on Kingdom hearts 3, i would also like to hear about a ace combat 7, and operation flash point. and some more news on 13.

well shadow is a indirect sequel to ICO. so it would be cool if we got to see what happens after

after he grows back up, or if there was a faster way.
*end spoilers*

but a sequal would be wicked.

UltimaEnder3548d ago

I haven't thought about that but a new game from Team ICO should definitely be on the horizon.....maybe a Shadow of the Colossus sequel?

Danja3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

that would be HUGE...!!!

the 1st Wild probably my fave RPG ever...

Hope we get a KH3 announcement....and update or something on FF 13 Versus

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