Hidden Cameras in DTV Converters? YouTube Hoax Fans Conspiracy Fears

Ever wonder what the government is really up to paying for all those digital TV converter boxes? Last week a Spokane, Washington man claimed he'd discovered the horrifying truth, and he produced a YouTube video to prove it.

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rhood0223525d ago

The people who still believe that this is proof the "government is spying on you through your DTV receiver", even after the original video maker revealed it was a hoax, need to go to the hospital right now and get chemically castrated or have their uterus's removed.

Letting these people reproduce is a crime against all mankind.

Lord Anubis3525d ago

no, it's better to be weary than complacent. If you think the world is full of rainbows and unicorns and there is no malice then please go castrate yourself.

rhood0223524d ago

I'm not talking about anything other than this specific incident and the fact that people STILL believe the video is real even after it was revealed as a hoax.

You'd have to be an idiot to think malice doesn't exist when talking about the government. But these people take their paranoia past any reasonable definition of a weary observer.

komp3524d ago

Total rubbish. Since when do "CONVERTER" boxes have a method of sending data back?

Satelllite cannot, RF cannot and only cabletv has a true return path.