Amazing Street Fighter Cabs Being Auctioned for Charity

During the Street Fighter IV launch event in LA a few weeks back, Capcom invited a group of artists to design some custom arcade cabinets. Starting tomorrow the cabinets will go up for auctions, with the proceeds going an organization called Music for Relief, who are currently providing aid to victims of the recent fires in Australia.

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OGharryjoysticks3527d ago

Then I watched the clip and was let down because Capcom has way better artists in house

madk3527d ago

Good point. They are still pretty cool and I find anything to do with arcade cabinets interesting.

xabamo3527d ago

Based on the title, I thought the poster meant an actual Tax and not cabinet.

jc485733527d ago

That's what I call Art.

saphiron3527d ago

not that great actually. two of them were good.
Yes, CAPCOMs artists are way better..

Bengoshi-San3526d ago

Capcom's aretists are better, but these guys were pretty good.

It's for a good cause so it's awesome either way.