GamePro: Patapon 2 Preview

It's hard to come across something as infectious as Patapon 2 -- unless of course it's the original Patapon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Patapon is the perfect mash-up of Rhythm and Adventure. You control an army of various Pons that resemble eyes, battling off foes and conquering levels by repeating songs using coordinating keys. For example, the movement march is Pata, Pata, Pata, Pon which translates to Square, Square, Square, Circle on the PSP. After you hit these buttons consecutively for the first time your army sings the march and begins moving. You must repeat the march directly after to keep them moving and to rack up combos. After a certain amount of combos a "Fever!" ensues which makes for a more exciting song courtesy of the Pons and boosts your damage, range, and/or defense depending on which Pons are in your army and what song you are drumming.

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