GamesRadar: Kids review the darndest games

GamesRadar writes: "We hear it all the time. "GamesRadar, psshh… That site's written by 12-year-olds." So, as part of an inability to take criticism, as well as an "Editor for a Day" position auctioned off to raise money for California public schools, we went out and commissioned the real deal. Good news for game makers - they'll finally get their products reviewed by their intended demographic."

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M337ING3551d ago

They gave Halo Wars a 10.

Total fail. ;)

spectyre3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )


The only bad part of Little Big Planet is the graphics?

I dunno... maybe its just me. Whenever there is a list of graphical powerhouses, I always think LBP should be on the list... if not at the top.

_Q_3551d ago

I thought they already had 12 year olds reviewing there

BkaY3551d ago

they just has my hit....

i will never forgive maself..... ever...

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