GameZone: X-Blades Review

GameZone writes: "With two swords – or as luck would have it, two Pistol Blades – in hand, Ayumi storms between the pillars of what appears to be an old coliseum. Eye-catching with deep stone textures and the occasional sign of life (trees and other foliage), the area certainly has its charm.

But it, like so many areas Ayumi (X-Blades' leading heroine) will visit, is abnormally claustrophobic. She's a fierce warrior, capable of taking on an army by herself, or at the very least a gigantic fire-breathing beast whose welcome wore out the minute he arrived. Her Pistol Blades provide the Dante-style weaponry she needs to survive: part gunfire, part hack-n-slash device, these weapons are essential to her way of life".

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