Gametrailers: Killzone 2 - Exclusive Badge Abilities Part 1: Assault HD

New video on - check it out!
Describing the Assult class in multiplayer.
Key features: Has extra armor, heavy weapons, can sprint really fast.

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hakis865208d ago

I really hope they will post videos on the other multiplayer classes soon! (before Wednesday - when I'll be playing! ^^ )

TheHater5208d ago

lucky you. Hopefully I am able to get the game before Wednesday also :)

rroded5208d ago

cant wait either
so the heaviest fighter is also the fastest guessing well b seeing a lot of these once guys lvl up :D

bassturd5208d ago

how are you getting it Wed?

Game is listed to come out on the 27th tho I know a lot of countries already have it. I expect to have it Thursday (shipping date) since I preordered.

sonarus5208d ago

Actually not really. Considering the other abilities of the other badges (such as air support drone, set up turret, go invisible, healing gun, and disguise yourself as someone else) are so much cooler than the abilities the assault badge gives. Heavy armor and speed boost are your only abilities.

If you ask me its the most ordinary class but a lot of people use it so they can rocket launcher spam

bassturd5208d ago

well considering you can combine abilities....wouldn't it be possible to use his speed ability with a turret ability?

Or any other variation. Don't care for the assault class since he only can carry grenade launcher and rocket launcher. Can't wait to see how the sniper rifle feels.

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TheHater5208d ago (Edited 5208d ago )

has anyone gotten a message from NaiNaiNai calling them a fanboy in the past several minutes? The fact that this guy/girl is going around sending people message calling them fanboys means he/she have not fricken life what-so-ever.

Edit: @Jager
Thanks man.

Jager5208d ago

Copy the PM, send it to the admins, he'll get a ban.

N4360G5208d ago

Nai is calling others fanboys? LOL He/she/it needs to look in the mirror before calling others fanboys.Back on topic,Killzone 2 is going to own,the multi-player looks so awesome.Killzone 2 is only four days away,I can't wait!!

RememberThe3575208d ago

That is a bit ironic isn't it? Or would it be hypocritical? Or both?

rbluetank5208d ago

i hope i still have credit on my citibank credit card. i hope the stimulus plan kicks in real soon!!!!

Helghast Slayer5208d ago

Awesome stuff from GG. Can't wait any longer dammit.

pwnsause5208d ago

let SFIV hold you till friday. or just freeze yourself till friday.

Helghast Slayer5208d ago

FRIDAY! more like thursday mate. Down here in Aus we get it a day earlier. If i had to wait another day only god knows what i'd do lol.

DERKADER5208d ago

I'm getting this game but it seems weird to give the strongest weapon to the fastest guy with the most armor that just seems unbalanced to me but i guess i'll have to see for myself on the 27th.

Proxy5208d ago

"You grab the objective, hit the speed boost, and your home before they even realize what happened."

So we have 1 person having a great time, and 31 other people saying "WTF is going on here?" 31 people log-off, 1 person plays by himself.

BTW, I'm sure he was exaggerating, but these were my thoughts as he was talking.

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