RE5 producer: Wii not best choice for pretty, powerful games

A few months ago, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi claimed that the Wii would be unable to handle the title screen of Resident Evil 5. Now most recently, Takeuchi has once again discussed Resident Evil 5 and has explained why the game isn't being released for the Wii.

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Chris3993551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )



Arc Rise Fantasia

Say "hello".

Oh, and Resident Evil 5 plays like it's in last gen anyhow, so his comment is moot. How about they use a little bit of that "power" for game-play enhancements next time?

SuperM3550d ago

Dude, those games look like crap. The best looking game on the wii is supermario galaxy

Chris3993550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

They may not be pushing 4 million polys and they're definitely not as "shiny" as RE: 5, but they certainly have more artistic flair.

Saying: "that's not really my taste," is much different than, "that looks like crap."

Learn to separate your opinion from fact.

And for all it's "next-gen" gloss, I find it funny how you can blow up a barrel of gasoline and leave not so much as a scorch on the wall. The game-play, physics and canned animations of RE: 5 are not up to par with other titles this gen, I'm curious as to what they used all that 'power' for.

Mahr3550d ago

"I'm curious as to what they used all that 'power' for"

Evidently, the title screen.

ChickeyCantor3550d ago


Aaah I remember that. XD

Have a bubbbbbble.

Le Idiotce3550d ago

Why so defensive?

Whats there not to get. In 3 years time, the wii hasnt received a single THIRD PARTY blockbuster game.

Whats there not to get. Nothing is going to change ok.

Have you seen Resident Evil 5? The best looking wii game doesnt look anything better than the best Gamecube game.

Meanwhile you want a game that pushes the 360 to its limits? Dude, not even 2% of RE5 would be possible on the wii. Who are you kidding?

ChickeyCantor3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

your comment is so full of failure.
Re5 = RE4 in a new graphical package.

This game would be as kick as if not better due the Wii-mote.

" Whats there not to get. Nothing is going to change ok. "
Don't you faint due the heavy smell of all the sh/t dropping from your mouth? Here is ONE hint(the point is to show you how wrong you are) : MADWORLD.

Please don't be an idiot, this place is full of them. KTHNX BYE.

"KIDS"? or just people who think that its a perfect fit due the fact that RE4 was EPIC on the Wii.

Le Idiotce3550d ago

Its clear that you are a fanboy living in denial.

You brag about RE4. Whats there to brag about? You got a 4 year old Gamecube PORT. It looks exactly the same as the gamecube version except with clunkier (thats a bad thing) controls! In other words, you got an inferior version and you are here bragging about how epic the game was for the wii...


Yes, it was EPIC...on the gamecube, the PS2, even the PC. A 4 year old game is not the same as a blockbuster game. Everyone and their mom played RE4 by then. Trying to brag about it, is the same as failure.

And RE5 looks a hell lot better than RE4. RE4 was already pushing the wii to its limits. RE5 not possible, fanboy. Youre delusional if you think a game like RE5 is possible on the wii when even the developer himself admits that its not.

Your arguments are flawed. Because RE4 looked good, RE5 is suddenly possible? Both are different games, using different engines. RE4 happened to be made on the gamecube and guess what the wii is? A buffed up version of the gamecube. Its no wonder they managed to port the gamecube version over. RE5 on the other hand is whole different cake.

The wii cant handle it, ok. If it could, then where are those games that look as good as RE5 on the wii? I dont see any. Name them. Not even the NINTENDO games like Metroid and Zelda come anywhere close. If the folks at Nintendo cant even do it, then how you except other small time studio to achieve this?

Where are those games on the wii that set the new standards then? Where are the killzone 2s then? I dont see any. Whats there NOT TO GET?
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, kwaks like a duck, its a duck.

Dont expect the genie from the bottle.

kesvalk3550d ago

are you really arguing with someone named le idiot?

ChickeyCantor3550d ago


" You brag about RE4."
I wasn't bragging just pointing out that RE4 worked GREAT with the Wii-mote.

" And RE5 looks a hell lot better than RE4. RE4 was already pushing the wii to its limits"

Wii-owners wanting it to come to the Wii don't mind if the GFX get downed, now get it right.
RE is not pushing the Wii, such an false claim.
It might be pushing the GCN not wii. Wii is more efficient and has extra power to it(and more features added to the GPU).

" The wii cant handle it, ok."
OK? no see you are so ignorant that you don't understand that no one is expecting a 1:1 port. People see a perfect FIT with the Wii-mote.

" Where are those games on the wii that set the new standards then? Where are the Killzone 2s then? I don't see any. Whats there NOT TO GET?
Actually The conduit is trying to set that bar with the dimension of control schemes.

You are ignorant, and try to argue that wii-owners don't understand that a Game like RE5 in its current state won't work on the Wii.
You are way to blind to understand that the control scheme could allot to a game like RE:5 not just the "pretty" images or the extra zombies on screen.
RE4 was good simply due the fact it got enhanced by CONTROLLER.
This is why People want RE5 to come to the Wii, not to brag bout it.

Now please GTFO,thank you.

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Monteblanco3551d ago

After experimenting the controls I guess many people would rather play a Wii version if one was available.

CaulkSlap3550d ago

Gamecube era hardware just doesn't cut it? Who would have thought?

qface643550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

um pretty yes powerful no
RE5 isn't really a game that pushes the boundaries of power
they could still put it on wii it would just have more horrible graphics the only plus would be the controls
as much of a resi fan as i am after playing the demo the only thing the game has that re4 didn't is the graphics AI was horrible and the controls didn't feel the same

i would really rather have re2 remade on wii give me a classic resident on wii that id like

Mahr3550d ago

Well, "pretty" is a subjective term, but yes, it does make a certain amount of sense that less powerful systems would not the best choice for powerful games.

This information ranks somewhere in between Hurr and Durr.

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