GDC Forza presentation (LONG)

Gamespots forza presentation.

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BrotherSic4639d ago

about 30 mins long and its great!

a must watch for anyone who is interested in this game

the graphics also look great

Gamer134639d ago

Forza2 will be very longlasting till forza 3 comes, can,t wait for this baby.

Swe_Goliath4639d ago

I have to get this game ASAP when it comes out...

Omg ,, with this mutch things you dont have to worry about some guy saying he got the best car , couse i got a C car with higher draft, bla bla bla so i beat you on this map couse your car bla bla bla . :D

I will love this game!!!
And no more kiddz raming you in the wall couse then there car will be *** upp and THEY have to fix it :D ... omy omy i love this game :D RElease it allready!!!!!!!!

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