TVGB Interview / Puzzle Quest: Galactrix producer Marcus Savino

TVGB writes: "To hear people speak about Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords one would think the game was created by a tiny god of puzzles and delivered to us by messengers from on high. The game's addicting puzzle gameplay mixed in with the overarching RPG elements made it one of the most popular hardcore DS games of last year and created a rabid fan base of players clamoring for more.

And more is coming in the form of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and if Dennis Lesica speaketh the truth, it's going to be huge. TVGB decided to find out more about how the next installment of what will hopefully a long and consistently well made franchise came about by chatting with Marcus Savino of D3 Publisher. What makes PQ so addictive and will that mysterious property be present in Galactrix? Find out in this thrilling installment of TVGB interviewing important gaming people!"

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