Play the Halo 3: Mythic Map Pack Early by Winning a Free Code is going to make one lucky Halo 3 fan's dreams come true as the website is giving away one early download code for the highly-anticipated upcoming "Mythic Map Pack" add-on for Halo 3. All you have to do to enter is visit their forums and reply to the official contest thread stating your favorite Halo 3 multiplayer map. One winner will be chosen on Friday and the code is active as of that day, giving the winner a couple days over the weekend to practice his/her skills before the map pack goes public later next week. Please one entrant per person, winner will be randomly chosen from the available applicants.

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Valkyrie833527d ago

Should be an interesting addition to Halo 3, seems like a worthy reason to upgrade to the limited edition of Halo Wars!

UltimaEnder3527d ago

Oh for sure; hopefully a hardcore Halo 3 fan will win as this is a big honor for someone, to get to play the map pack so early!

Boss of METAL3527d ago

Foundry for sure. So many possibilities, that's why I'm looking forward to the mythic!

UltimaEnder3527d ago

WOW, a lot more interest in this than I would imagine......Halo 3 still has a large grip on people; and who thinks it's not a bigger impact on the industry than Killzone 2....LOL

Bnet3433527d ago

Your right when you said Halo 3 has a large grip on people. It has you by the balls pretty tight right now ... Don't let your insecurity get to you man.

GiantEnemyCrab3527d ago

Of course it still does. The game is excellent and has a hardcore following.

This is going to make a few Halo players happy!!! Nice one.

Blaze9293527d ago

Who thinks? Sony/Killzone 2 fanboys of course

GiantEnemyCrab3527d ago

"2.4 - i like killzone, i like halo
what does that make me?"

That would make you a gamer!! You have no place here be gone!! haha

I'm with you on liking both.

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Caspel3527d ago

the new maps are great, especially Sandbox.

Bnet3433527d ago

Yeah, Sandbox has some underground arena.

Xi3527d ago

under ground, above ground, and on ground. People in the air can hit people on the ground and vice versa, but if you fall off the top level you die. Under ground looks to be designed for griffball.

2FootYard3527d ago

I've never won anything aside from a box of condoms that were never used.

vmanj3527d ago

wut if there r 10 codez given out and thtz it so tht meanz ull only b able to play with those 10 ppl only on those mapz and wut if they r not online at a time??? so bascially u can rarely play on them right?

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The story is too old to be commented.