Sony Should Scrap Home

Much was made of the GDC 07 footage that unveiled Playstation Home to the public for the first time. The video promised the ability to share music, pictures, and videos that the users had stored on their hard drives with other members of home. Furthermore, the ability to launch into any game via the service was also advertised as a standard feature. Playstation users were estatic. Claims of the downfall of Xbox Live were all over the web. Fast forward to February 23rd, 2009. Almost a full 2 years after the unveiling, where do we stand?

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iamtehpwn3526d ago

As a Free application, and a good time killer, it's not half bad.

I do wish there were some goals and objectives.

GWAVE3526d ago

I don't use Home, but why would Sony axe an open beta? It isn't even finished yet. The only people who want Home to fail are haters. It's an awesome application with a ton of potential.

Cajun Chicken3526d ago

But this is an article of 'don't cry over spilt milk' and 'things can always get better'.

I don't go on Home very often, there honestly is nothing for me to do, I have however made about 5 friends off of Home, but basically, with all the potential of Home, as I understand it is still in Beta, its not at all living up to the potential I thought it was going to be, so far.

I semi agree with it. Because it points out how much money could of gone towards other things from Sony. But Home went forward and pulling out from it would be a sign of weakness and not to mention dumb, besides, Home was hyped up from the earliest announcement of the PS3, so people can't say Sony don't deliver.

So essentially, its too late and I hope much good will come out of the decision soon.

DavidMacDougall3526d ago

Yeah this article is BS im on Home every once and a while, there is not alot to do if your on it everyday tho. When EA add poker to it ill probably never be off it if its done right LOL

Real Gambler3526d ago

They were always based on solid facts. Now this guy, Bakerboy, is writing stupid things like: "What do you think Sony gave up to push Home out in time " I would like him to tell us when Sony said Home would be released... Which date did they had to meet? On their official website, they still claim it will be in Beta for quite a few years. Most people agree that it's the type of project that will last forever. Sadly, they had to rush the beta out because everybody asked for it. But so what. For many PSN members, it will be fun to say they were there when there was only a few pool tables and bowling lanes. Everybody knows it takes time, but the concept is simply great. Tagging new things around is only a question of time... But never did Sony said that Home will be out by a certain date. This guy should relax and enjoy the view for a while. So what if we have to wait before we can show our movies on our little TV screens in Home. It's coming for sure. When is not really important.

Blaze9293526d ago

scrap it? hell no

hurry up and get it out of "beta" phase and bring the promised material to warrant a reason to boot up home after the first time and keep it on your HDD? God yes

TheDude2dot03526d ago

Grah! That's the sound I make every time I see a stupid hiphopgamer article. Now people think I'm crazy because they hear me make that noise!

BulletToothtony3526d ago

wow.. to me everything he says it's a bunch of gibberish, the day he states facts is the day that his news won't reach 100 degrees..

MasFlowKiller3526d ago

I dont know about you guys but i cant wait to see the EA space cause it look amazing, but thatz just me

CrazzyMan3526d ago

and who knows, how many millions they did during all this time since HOME release...

That would be just stupid, especially, when MANY game developers giving even MORE support for HOME.

HOME will become a better place, with time. Maybe after 1 year, maybe after 2, but definitely, there always will be people interested in it. =)

40cal3526d ago

Hell no they should not. I am hella excited about the space EA has in the works, I think they said this spring?

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xabamo3525d ago

I don't know, I was bored at home instantly and didn't find anything to do. I see no reason to come back.

Before the darn thing was released, I had no clue what it really was and I still don't after using it. Sony better do something with it quick otherwise it is just going to stale. I for one do not care for Home, and rather have them put resource into things that matters or revamp Home quick!

QuackPot3525d ago

Should have been an MMORPG that encourages socializing and chatting with other gamers as well as showing off your gaming achievements.

Oh, well. Better luck next time.

I'm looking forward to Free Realm but wished it had been reworked to become a 'Home' for the gaming community to socialize in.

SL1M DADDY3525d ago

Yeah, Sony should scrap an idea that brought in 1 million dollars in sales of DLC for the first two months...

Sorry, but saying they should scrap Home is pure stupidity.

acedoh3525d ago

SONY should scrap HOME as quickly as Hiphopgamer can create a story based on fact. HOME has already been a success for SONY and it's not even close to a finished product. This is something that is in it's infancy and I guarantee you what we see now will not even be close to what we see in a few years. There are reasons certain things are not available like sharing. What's important is that HOME well be getting major support over this year and will only improve. If you don't like it you don't have to be a part of it. You have a choice. It's not like 360 avatars or Nintendo Mii's.

Lifendz3525d ago

I thought Home was "amazing" and was going to make me go "Oh my God" when I see what new rooms they're adding? /sarcasm.

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TheColbertinator3526d ago

Why should they? Its making money.

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SSCOOLCHEA3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Again and his rant ......Just stick to playing basketball games hiphoplamer ....This guy thinks he speaks for all non fan boys ....There are people who don't like getaway or 8 days and love the fact that sony did bring home for them ...There are people who enjoy home and if you don't like it go play nba live 2002

@jvillian....know what your talking about before you reply . You don't have to buy clothes and furniture . There is free stuff for you to equip yourself with . So you have a choice free clothes or some nice diesels clothes ..I can't believe people are still on that LIVE shlt ...Are you serious ? Most gamers just wants to hook up play online .

Dimitri3525d ago

Fuking nowhere. There is nothing good in HOME apart from having your own house, and a possibility to create a HOT chick. Thats fuking it.
They promised a game launching and a party option at E3 2008, but its not fuking here LIKE THE MOTORSTORM: PR DLC !!!!

The DLC was supposed to come out after christmas and its like those HOME options which were forgotten.

M337ING3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

were these successes in the beginning?
steam - horrible up until 2006, now its loved by all pc gamers

XBOX LIVE - terrible lag, connectivity issues that lasted well into the Halo 2 era and only really started to disappear when the 360 launched

GiantEnemyCrab3526d ago

As an Xbox gamer I would blame the P2P connections more than I would blame the service. Back when XBL started broadband penetration wasn't what it is now.
But the games that had dedicated servers have always worked great, lag free but I've always had good broadband for most of my XBL gaming.

Kami3526d ago

Dude have you ever played over PSN?
If not then shut the f'ck up. The only games that have lag are the ones with two players or when a person has crappy connection. Other than that there is no lag in any game. and I DO play games online since launch without any problems with the exception of SF2Hd.

GiantEnemyCrab3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Kami: I didn't even mention PSN in my reply. I was replying to the comment that XBL lags back to the original Xbox. I get lag on XBL even today but it's usually because someone has a bad ping time. But again, my response is directed at XBL during the time of the original Xbox.

Yes, I have played on PSN and I've had great connections but I've had lag on RFOM. From my experience both seem to be very capable of doing smooth online play.

frayer3526d ago

That's like taking a condom off before you finish. Hydro1x, your dad feels the same shame...

ThatCanadianGuy3526d ago

+Bubbles for one of the greatest burns i've ever read..

Aclay3526d ago

"That's like taking a condom off before you finish. Hydro1x, your dad feels the same shame..."

LMAO!!!! Bubbles for the laugh!

On a more serious note, it would be silly for Sony to axe HOME when they've already poured so much money into it.

And plus, Sony's got TONS of 3rd party support for HOME. That new "Sports Complex" space that EA showed off a little while back that's coming soon actually looked like fun.

HOME is FREE to use, so I don't see why people are complaining.