PS3's power will be untapped for years - Perry

Former Shiny boss praises Sony's hardware, but criticises high price point

Former Shiny Entertainment boss Dave Perry has praised Sony's PS3 hardware, describing it as "the best piece of hardware, without question" - but claims that it will be years before developers tap that power.

Speaking exclusively to at GDC, Perry said that he hasn't seen "a single game that shows me the power of PlayStation 3."

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Violater4270d ago

"If Sony thought of a way that their architecture designers could somehow add even more power for less money, but made programming a misery - actually made you just want to kill yourself - they would do it."

havn't heard anything about Shiney since wild nine....

Anyhoo hope we get some good news today

Bullseye4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

He's saying Sony should have done what Microsoft did and listen to devs.An example is the 512MB asked for by Epic.Unfortunately Sony have there owns way of doing things.Eventually, it will not prove a problem, but it's a hurdle to overcome.

Marty83704270d ago

It always takes time to get the most out of new hardware. Same happened last gen, same will happen this gen. If you look back to what was said about PS2 at first.

'most devs said it was hard to program for'

Yet devs have produced some of the best games for the PS2 over its lifetime. No doubt the same will happen for PS3, just it may take a few years to get the most out of PS3. But, PS3 has loads of potential. In fact its already showing potential at a very early stage its life.

THAMMER14270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

PS2...PS2...PS2...PS2...PS2... PS2...PS2...PS2...PS2...PS2... P S2...PS2

How long will it take you to realize that the PS3 has nothing to do with the PS2 other than brand name?

You did not read the article did you?

weekapaugh4270d ago

if they are already getting graphics and physics like motorstorm has the future looks bright....

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The story is too old to be commented.