GameSpy: Noby Noby Boy Review

GameSpy writes: "At the end of 2009, I'm hoping that we'll all look back on the early part of the year as a moment at which downloadable console games became something other than punishing space shooters and puzzle games. Last week, Sony released Flower, a game that celebrates aesthetic wonder as much as simplified gameplay. Turns out, Flower's significantly easier to describe than Noby Noby Boy. Keita Takahashi, the designer of Katamari Damacy, has concocted a playful experience that's a bit of a paradox. It's a sandbox game that lets you do whatever you want, but it can also be as tough as you make it. It's a rather solitary single-player experience that alternately builds a sense of online community. It's initially strange and difficult to comprehend, but eventually intuitive and mindlessly fun. Noby Noby Boy isn't going to appeal to every gamer, but for the curious mind, it's rewarding."

+A wonderfully unique experience that lets you create fun for yourself

-Difficult to grasp in the beginning; camera can be trying at times

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