Mercenaries 2: World in Flames GDC 07 Develope Walkthrough Pt.1 and Pt.2

An in-depth look at this highly anticipated sequel.

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bigmack4242d ago

on the second video, i really like the lighting outside. the game for sure will be a great hit on any systems. PS2,PS3,360 have a good thing coming.

Toolman4242d ago

Graphics are ok, physics look great, but gameplay seems a bit off. Come on the guy runs faster then the bullets, so its no problem to dodge shots. I thought the first Mercenaries was average at best

Scythesean4242d ago

well things like that they have a lot of time to work on, they said winter of this year.

InMyOpinion4242d ago

At first I thought they were showing off the Ps2 version, honestly. The persons who say Crackdown looks bad should compare it to this...hehehe. I'm amazed since the first Mercenaries looked great. Let's hope they polish this one some more.

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