Playr Reveals Killzone 2 Secret Feature

Playr has published a video on its You Tube channel showing the game's lead producer demonstrating one of the game's secret features.

[SPOILERS] The feature is triggered when a player repeatedly shoots one of their own men in campaign mode.

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villevalorox3524d ago

Yeah it did it in the demo as well. I would not say its a secret feature. Just Realistic game play. XD

Cwalat3524d ago

lol yeah, it's not such a secret thing when it's in the demo itself. :P

i shot Garza like 20 times... and he didn't do anything.. but when i stood still for more than 2-3 minutes.. they started firing their guns at me.. lol

Tarasque3524d ago

Wow did anyone else notice how bad the FPS dropped when he walked into that first room, he tried to be slow about it also.

Montrealien3524d ago

yeah, Killzone 2 chugs now and then, but it looks so damn amazing I couldt`nt care. We are starting to see what the Ps3 can push imho, well, I thoughbt that with MGS4 which also had a few fps drops. Everything has limits, even this gens most powerful console.

DominusRebellis3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

That is the lamest "secret" I've ever seen...and it's not realistic at all. Realistic would be the player dying from the gunshot blast to the head!

the best friendly fire incident is in Zelda: A link to the past...slash the chicken like 4 times with your blade and see what happens! hahaha

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LinuxGuru3524d ago

Uh yeah, not really a secret feature.

In your stats it says "number of times friendlies offended" or something of the sort.

This kind of thing happens in lots of games. Shoot them enough, and they, in return, go apesh|t on you.

2FootYard3524d ago

I loved killing my teammates in the original Halo.

3524d ago
phosphor1123524d ago

All I read was "HURF DUR HERP DURF"

Tiberium3524d ago

yeah I tried to kill captain keyes the original halo and they sent invincible troops against me. I wouldn't call this (in killzone2) a secret or anything special.

SIX3524d ago

Did you guys also know that you can down those tanks in the demo?

3524d ago
SIX3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

:P Funny guy. Well when Bob finishes giving head to the tank. He can then grab a rocket launcher and "BLOW" up the tank.

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josh143993524d ago

lol reminds me of mgs2 when you shoot snake when he is sleeping and he tries to kill you. or when you aim your gun at him in first person he says dont even think about it

umair_s513523d ago

Yeah, metal gear games are awesome !

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