Blu-ray disc sales to exceed 100 million units in 2009

Research from Futuresource Consulting reveals that consumers are on target to buy in excess of 100 million Blu-ray discs (BD) across the USA, Western Europe and Japan this year, with sales of High Definition capable LCD and plasma TVs and continued dramatic reductions in BD player prices continuing to fuel interest in packaged HD content despite the economic downturn.

"In the USA, BD has moved from early adopter phase through to early majority, with the format gaining real traction in the marketplace," says Mai Hoang, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. "Last year in the US alone, BD video retail sales increased by a whopping 320% to 24 million units; and we're going to see momentum continuing in 2009, with over 80 million disc sales forecast."

"BD disc sales continue to expand into all major markets and genres," says Jim Bottoms, Managing Director at Futuresource, "although to date the business has gravitated towards new release titles. In particular, the action adventure genre dominates, appealing strongly to the young male technology adopter, which also closely matches the PS3 owner profile. For some high profile titles, close to 25% of all disc sales have been on BD, while other action adventure titles consistently see BD accounting for over 15% of total sales."

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nightelfmohawk3523d ago

I still prefer blu-ray. NPD's analyst also said something like 74% of consumers prefer a box copy as well.

creeping judas3523d ago

I love my blu-ray movies!!!!

gunnerforlife3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

i feeel so BLU :S:S

wat the hell happened here man, screew u sony for giving us such high quality entertainment:@:@ i hate uuu an u and ur ps3:@:@

gaffyh3523d ago

Ok, how long till the anti-blu-ray articles?


Mindboggle3523d ago

I have 2 new plasmas in my house a 32" in my room and a 42" down stairs. They both look amazing with blu ray, but if i was limited to just the 32" I wouldnt bother as the quality isnt much different to warrent the extra £3-10, but when I plug it in to the 42" its incredible.

evrfighter3523d ago

ill buy a blu-ray when they are under $100

XxZxX3522d ago

where is the blu-ray is doomed article. Well no one want to write them now, because they feel stupid afterward.

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ALL_STAR_283523d ago

blu ray was supposed to fail...??? wth hapened??? 100,000,000 million units expected to be sold doesnt seem like a fail to me...

nightelfmohawk3523d ago

and now they want to shove DD down everyone's throat along with Valve. Too bad for them, however, that 75% of gamers still prefer retail box + disc copies:

ALL_STAR_283523d ago

that and sony is beating microsoft in DD with full games and better quality psn games.....

ps921173523d ago

No company will ever admit defeat. Especially MS and the countless sues made against them.

evrfighter3523d ago

The thing with Valve is that they don't "Want" to shove to DD down everyones throat. They HAVE shoved DD down everyones throats. They've done it in a spectacular fashion. They were one of the firsts to find the chicken who laid that golden egg and are raking in the dollars by the truckload because of it.

PC gamer response thus far has been hugely in favor of DD. It wouldn't be a bold statement to say that steam is probably where 75% of pc gamers buy their games. The problem is we will never know because they've never released their sales figures and NPD numbers don't show these numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.