Top 10: Good Premise, Poor Implementation

Where you ever happy to think that sword fighting with the wiimote would be fantastic, and then you got Red Steel? If you are one of us gamers, you have heard of amazing premises, however most of them didn't deliver. TWGNews looks at the top 10 games that had a good premise but were poor implemented. Great read

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mastiffchild3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

This always annoys me. By all means use Fallout3 as a good example of western action rpgs from the rpg and action pov but NEVER make out the combat on the shooting is any good(melee is better but still).Imo, the thing which stopped it being the best game ever and not just Oblivion in a post apocalyptic wasteland was the two borked shooting systems. The FPS controls are just awful no matter what gun you have(over any kind of distance that is)and the aiming is slow and shoddy while the VATS system is equally frustrating at times. It does improve when you're just hitting something but I always feel that when they tried to hybridise the FPS and RPG combat worlds they fell between the two stools rather than getting the best of either which, as a fan of the earier fallout games, meant they also lost some of the feel of being a Fallout title.
I realise I'm gonna cop it off people for that but, honestly, does everyone think that the shooting is good in Fallout3? It's definitely a good game but it's neither a great shooter nor a particularly convincing Fallout to me and as a result I find myself more happy with Oblivion to be honest. But, hey, it's all about opinions I guess and perhaps I put too much expectation on the game that I expected to be GOTY last year.
SSBB and Lair he's dead right about though. I remember trying Lair at a friends and thinking it was such a shame when they made such a convincing looking world only to totally balls up the core gameplay either by asking too much of Sixaxis and then beiong too scared to go back to their bosses and admit it OR they were badly rushed to get the game out for launch and it nebver really had a chance for extended testing and polish.
SSBB, on the other hand, is just a list of missed opportunities which, when every Ninty lover wanted the game to succeed was a crying shame. Esp when you consider how smoothly the MKWii online experience can be.
Obviously you could also put every Batman game ever on that list(and Spidey too tbh)but personally I'd add UT3 myself. It should have been a real winner putting one of the PC twitch shooter king franchises on the HD consoles with people fragging like mad in glorious HD on huge living room screens but because of a few odd choices they failed mainly(though I actually love it online on the modded maps and stuff). If they looked more into their new market they'd have realised the importance of a decent single player
campaign in a full price retail console shooter-it didn't have to be long(COD4s SP is great but not very big)but it should never have been the shonky tutorial that we got. It gave new players no frame of reference for the shooting and turned off lots of gamers iknow that would have loved the online stuff had the SP hooked them in. The puzzling act of releasing at different times with different packages on the two consoles helped very little as well(why no keyboard/mouse on 360? Why fewer maps on PS3?)and a proper multi plat simultaneous release would have served better-but there you go.

Mahr3525d ago

"It is easy to startle someone; throw a strange demonic creature on the screen in an unexpected time and you might elicit a shocked gasp from the user, but true fear is harder. It takes great pacing and anticipation. Any experienced horror-based gamer will tell you, the most fear inducing part of any game comes in an empty, darkened corridor, forcing the player to push forward not knowing what is beyond the next door. This slow pacing can create great apprehension in the player, a feeling of isolation and vulnerability, while forcing the player to choose to move forward."

Um, did other people play a different Dead Space? In the one I played, I lost count of the attempted jump-scares with the endless horde of seemingly dead things suddenly coming to life and attempting to eat the main character -- who was covered head to toe in armor and after the first couple chapters carrying enough weaponry to a reduce a small country to a large number of really small, cut-up countries.

And the ending matched that definition of easy-to-do-startling to a T.