Square-Enix Releases Awful Final Fantasy XIII Merchandise Following their release of the Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Posters at last years TGS, Square-Enix have released some new FFXIII merchandise. This time, these products are available to the public in the online Square-Enix Store.

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bpac1234567893551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

It's not awful but i definitely wouldn't spend more than a couple dollars on it.

-on second thought they are pretty bad, doesn't look like any thought wen't into making these things at all. Square can definitely do better than this.

TheColbertinator3551d ago

Milk it dry,SE.The Final Fantasy franchise is washed up thanks to your lazy remakes.

Jerk1203551d ago

They're just not remaking good enough FF games.

I want a damn Final Fantasy VI in 3D.

FarEastOrient3551d ago

They should've asked for a bailout since they are throwing out more titles each year but selling less of each. Just ask from Microsoft more money since Sony has 21 first party companies to pay for and wouldn't throw themselves on the floor at the expense of their own companies.

You can look at my past comments I do own shares in Square Enix and an angry investor, but not as angry as the people that bought General Motors and Citigroup shares.

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The story is too old to be commented.