Rumor: Microsoft's next "box"?

In the video game industry rumors are always flying. Four years into this generation of consoles rumors are starting to spread throughout the industry about Microsoft's new console that is in the works. Rumors that Microsoft is looking to integrate a interface similar to that we saw in the 2002 Thriller Minority Report have been tearing through the industry since Microsoft announced its purchase of Caligari, a developer of 3-D Modeling Software.

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HighDefinition3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

You`d expect something soon, since PS3 seems to been going where the 360 can`t.

Whatever you do MSFT, please take your time and make your next system actually work for longer than 6 months. I`m not sure how everyone would react to RROD2.

Personally, I`ll buy whatever system they release next, but if it breaks like my 360s broke, I will NEVER buy another one of their products EVER AGAIN.

Omega43549d ago

"You`d expect something soon, since PS3 seems to been going where the 360 can`t"

So the Wii 2 must be coming even sooner then right?

MaximusPrime3549d ago

you are spot on High Defi. Ignore that omega fella, he's talking gibberish

HighDefinition3549d ago

I`m sorry but I don`t consider the Wii a gaming system, hate me for it, but that`s the way I feel. Everyone I know who has a Wii, is NOT what I would call a GAMER.

Omega43549d ago

Yeah im sure MS will want to hurry and make another system just because the PS3 is making better looking games, now that is gibberish.

If the console is selling well (which it is, outselling even the great PS3) they are hardly going to decided to drop it. But they will obviously make another since its inevitable, just not for your stupid fanboyish reasons.


I just hope they sort out the hardware issues xD

Then i might buy one.

MaximusPrime3549d ago

Microsoft has histories of Hardware issues.

xbox, xbox 360, window xp, window vista, windows 7, zune.. list goes on and on..

I'd rather wait 6 months before i buy xbox 360 again.... nah.

HighDefinition3549d ago

"Yeah im sure MS will want to hurry and make another system just because the PS3 is making better looking games, now that is gibberish."

Do you know why people moved up to 360 and PS3 from PS2? Cause they have better looking games.

If you think GRAPHICS don`t matter to people your very very wrong. As a beat draws people to the lyrics of a song, Graphics draw people to the gameplay of a game.

Omega43549d ago

"Do you know why people moved up to 360 and PS3 from PS2? Cause they have better looking games. "
Really!? I thought it was more because there was nothing else coming out for the PS2 and if they wanted something new to play they would need a PS3 or 360

"If you think GRAPHICS don`t matter to people your very very wrong."
Halo 3 has average graphics yet people were drawn to it because they know Bungie produce great gameplay and surprisingly its the fastest selling game in history, so much for graphics eh.

But i guess graphics do a great job in making a game look good when its gameplay isnt quite up to scratch just look at Assasins Creed great graphics = hype but repetitive gameplay and im sure you can think of a lot more examples when graphics do that

HighDefinition3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Why do you keep owning yourself?

PS2 games are still coming out Persona just came out.

People were drawn to Halo3 because people were obsessive about HALO2 and 30 million when into marketing for it. 30 million in marketing will make ANYTHING sell well.

BTW, did you know

- Killzone took 3 1/2 and 30 million to develop.
- Halo3 took 3 1/4 years to develop and cost 30 million, plus 30 million for advertising.

Omega43549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Yeah im sure EVERYONE is anticipating persona4, and wont be upgrading before they play it

And im sure no one got a PS3/360 cause of the new halo,fable,GTA,GT,GOW. And before you say "they got better graphics" do you really thing if the graphics didnt upgrade yet the gameplay did people wouldnt of brought a PS3/360

"because people were obsessive about HALO2" i wonder why that was *cough* great gameplay *cough*

As for your random facts, no i didnt know that and i dont much care either, all i know if MS made their money back Sony on the other hand well........

EDIT: la chance brings up a good point if graphics were so important why didnt the Xbox whoop the PS2?? hhmmmmm Seems like HD just got owned and by someone with 2 bubbles oh the shame must be intense lol

La Chance3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The xbox had passed the ps2 graphically in no time but the ps2 still went on strong.

Graphics dont sell conseoles , only geeks on N4G actually think that graphics are everything.

The PS2 didnt outsell the xbox and gcube thanks to graphics but thanks to quality + quantity games.Just shows how much 98% of gamers out there arent whores for graphics.

And deny all you want but if Lost Planet 2 were a PS3 exclusive you would all be saying how marvelous it looks and how nothing on the 360 can match it.

I think you guys are going to look like fools this year because if Lost Planet 2 can pull off those kind of graphics just imagine games like Alan Wake.

And funny how in EVERY xbox thread the 1st to post is a Sony troll acting like he actually cared but he's just in to troll.

Dont you have some Killzone news to celebrate in ?

P.S : PS3 sales are declining , Sony is losing money , probably never going to come out of last place and OF COURSE in that Sony loving mind of yours MSFT are the ones who are worried...

Thats the Sony fanboys logic...

edit : no , cowards dont argue with people that cant prove wrong.

Wow moreover youre a kid.Youre a coward , hiding behind that excuse.Coward.Having 2 bubbles didnt seem to bother you till today huh ?

You cant get a cheaper attack than that.Especially since you know Im not from an english speaking background.But hey , its all good , I know you cant prove me wrong.

No you cant get a translation , you cant possible be that dumb.It would be disrespecting you

HighDefinition3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I don`t argue w/ people w/ less than 3 bubbles. Sorry.


Edit: "no , cowards dont argue with people that cant prove wrong."

I also don`t argue w/ people who can speak. But yes, I argue w/ people who can`t prove wrong.

LOL, your a joke.


Sure, what up?

edit: LOL. Debatable! I say you weren`t having fun.



What`s wrong w/ you. I agree w/ you...............

I argue w/ people who can`t prove wrong.

"Wow moreover youre a kid"

Can I get a translation?

LoydX-mas3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

So I have nine bubbles. Will you debate with me?

edit: just having some fun on a day off.

thenickel3549d ago

Why are SOny fanboys claiming the graphics crown lol. We don't know what the 360 is capable of but yet and still you guys act as if you do. After playing Gears2 and watching the LP2 trailer today it's clear that the 360 is more than capable of doing KZ2 type visuals given much more time and money. I'm willing to bet that 360 will surpass the PS3 and be labeled the graphics console once again later this year. MS has not let up for long one time this gen so to write off the 360 is crazy.

Back on topic: This is probably true and part of the reason gaming news for 360 has been slow. There probably trying to figure out what games to launch with it. Still 2009 is going to be a promising year for the box and the attach rate love from developers should start to take off soon.

king dong3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

can you post a link substiating your 3 1/2 year dev time?? try 5 years and double the budget, and you mite sound believable!

also, i dont debate with people who've got less than 3 bubbles lol. and very sad!

lachance: vous etres francias? je suis anglais, j'habite a albert dans le department de la somme. je sais c'est tres deficile a apprend autra langue! mais, ne t'enquiete pas, vous ecrivez tres bien anglais.

better than my written french anyway.

post a link than high definition? they were already working on it in 2005....3 1/2 years ok.

de-bubble this idiot

HighDefinition3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Five years and double the budget?

The E3 trailer was in 2005, and they hadn`t start development yet when it was shown.

Killzone 2 cost 30 million to develop and became the most expensive media project of their country.

@the nickel

Killzone 2 and Halo3 cost the same to make, and Killzone 2 took a few more months of development than Halo3. Which kinda blows up your theory. GG also developed their engine from scratch in that time. So.......

WhittO3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The 360 has been on the Market for like more than 3 years, i think its had more than enough time to show us "what it can do".

The ps3, just passing it's second year has a flood of games coming out which already out-shine everything on the 360 (graphically),after being out 1 year later so Devs have had a YEARS WORTH of less time to develop for ps3.

Yet we have games like Uncharted1/2, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Infamous, God of war 3, Killzone 2, GT5, basically all upcoming exclusives on ps3 look better than anything 360 has coming out.

Just think what they will look like after the ps3 has been on the market for 3 years !

La Chance3549d ago Show
thenickel3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Halo3 was good for it's time and the whole multi core crap tech was still unfamilar with developers at the time. Also GG got dev kits around the same time bungie did so that means that GG has been in develoment longer.

Whitto: What flood of games that look better? Surely your not talking about the games that only sony fanboys keep praising like Uncharted2, Infamous,Heavy rain, and Gow3 are you? Those games all look good from what I've seen but still are not up to speed with KZ2. You see I give KZ2 props even though I believe there are moments in Gears 2 that surpass what I've seen in it. The 360 is still new to developers and surely will prove itself again like always. The LP2 trailer today alone is proof that 360 is no a slouch and still has tons of potential.

WhittO3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

No the 360 is no slouch and prob same power as ps3, in terms of graphics cards (although i think 360 has slightly more power in that department), untill the devs begin to ACTUALLY USE all of the SPU's on the ps3 and not just 1 or maybe 2, then the 360 just cant compete with the amount of stuff thats on screen (e.g lighting, physics, AI, motion blur, animation etc.)

and dont forget that LP is a multiplat title, not exclusive. So they will make the ps3 version almost identical, despite which is more powerful.
I mention them games because they show what the ps3 can do when games are exclusive, which is alot more than MS exclusives have shown to do.

Also, the 360 is not new to devs, dont forget they had dev kits like a year before the 360 was out, so they have been working on it a long long time.
The Dev kits for ps3 came like at launch haha.

thenickel3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It's been known for years that the PS3 is a physics lighting whore all the way back to it's 1st spec days. But you see the 360 has it's strengths also and this is why I believe that both systems are equal and will never totally blow one another away. The only difference between the two will be exclusives, DD, multiplatform exclusive content, and price. If a game is designed with the PS3 architecture in mind then of course 360 can't hang, but the same goes for 360 is a game start out on it at 1st.

Edit: There devs came out when it launched? Come on now lol

Consoldtobots3549d ago

Im not fluent but I can decipher french, and basically lachance is being a douche saying that english is for simpletons, btw I dont think ANYBODY cares that you say you live in Lyon or go to school there.

WhittO3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

that could be true, since Gears 2 is one of the best looking games on 360 and is built using a multi-plat engine, this may not show what the 360 can do best.

If MS actually paid for the development of a whole new engine designed specifically for their console, i am sure it will rival alot what is on offer today, but then thats the prob with MS, they will just pay for 3rd party support instead.

@Edit, ye i was joking lol, but they came out late!

skimming3549d ago

This is just pure speculation on their part. I guess they want to start a rumour or something. Like the Wendy's commercial: Where's the beef?

riskibusiness3549d ago

Fact is no matter how powerful the cell is, it will always be a bottle necked system on the PS3. The graphics will always be neck-n-neck between the xbox 360 and the PS3. Sorry to burst some people's bubble. The more graphic intensive things the PS3 does, the less it will be able to do with AI, particle effects, and physics. MS did a m ore balanced approach which will yield similar results at a much cheaper cost per machine. MS outwitted Sony this generation in hardware capability per the dollar. Lets see what will happen next time.

MicroSony4Life3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Do you know why people moved up to 360 and PS3 from PS2? Cause they have better looking games.

Last time i checked there were sill allot of PS2 owner that don't want to buy a PS3 or a 360. I don't remember Fall out 3 and Saints row 2 having Kill Zone 2 graphics but I enjoyed the sh!t out of those games. So your fanboy argument is FAIL.

Back to the topic, a new xbox some time soon would be awesome and while your at it Microsoft throw in a portable gaming devise that connects to LIVE, and just to spoil us add a feature where we can cross play online with Steam users.

WhittO3549d ago

""MS outwitted Sony this generation in hardware capability per the dollar""

id much prefer a system which is well-made and reliable, even though more expensive, than a system which frequently fails.

You pay for what you get, cheaper doesnt mean better.

and i dont know where you have been, but Killzone 2 has some of the best AI, particle effects, and physics and still looks like one of the best looking games, ever, so stop talking sh*t about what you dont know.

3549d ago
Argento-Nox3549d ago


I hardly consider the 360 sales to be phenomenal, considering it took a price cut to get ahead of the PS3 in 2008. Honestly, if it wasn't for the price cut, the 360 would have continued to trail behind the PS3 which was leading all year until the price drop.

PS3 is selling well for it's high price, and if there's a price cut, 360 price cuts is the only way MS can respond, or are you actually going to tell me the games (most being multi-platform) are going to keep people buying 360's?

With regards to your comments about the Wii, the Wii doesn't have to do squat. It's wiping the floor with the competition, while leaving core gamers in the cold. They announced "Animal Crossing" as a hardcore game last E3, yet they're still selling in excess to all those casual gamers (-_-);;.

IaMs123549d ago

Killzone 2 might have taken the same time to make then Halo 3 but Halo 3 was in production before Killzone 2 was. Killzone2 started 2 years give or take later then Halo 3 did, Given by your timeline, therefore Killzone 2 had more advantages due to that fact. If Halo 3 was released and was in production at the same time frame, ill sure you that Halo 3 graphics would be even better then they are now...

P.S.- I dont see why people complain Halo 3 graphics are awesome IMO, its werid but i think they are awesome, not because its Halo OMG HALO!

Ldubbz3549d ago

Halo 3's graphics are awesome, but more people hate on that game than any, being the target that it is. There is a reason why there is a screenshot feature, saved films...they previewed Halo at the IMAX for chrissakes. Hell, Halo 2 looks better than some games coming out today, especially in level design and art direction.

A new box is of course speculation. I am sure it is currently being developed, but I wonder what processors they are looking at. More importantly, what kind of GPUs and RAM....1 GB? 2GB? More?

No Way3549d ago

True, Microsoft have had problems.. Erm, well, what was wrong with the xBox? o.O

But, ya know, Sony isn't exactly without faults, either.

patterson3549d ago

and also assuming this new console will have better graphics than the 360, I can conclude that it will finally match the graphic powerhouse that is the PS3!!! lol

I love myself ^_^

KarIostomy3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

@ highdef:

"The ps3 seems to be going where the 360 can't"

You are right.

The PS3 is going backwards and the 360 can't follow as its going forwards.

Danja3548d ago

lol...are u serious ???

when the 360 can produce a game..that 1080p and 60fps ..let me know...

it's the 1st gaming console to ever get released and have less storage capacity than it's predecessor ...

not to mention it kept adding features along the way that the PS3 came with day one...

when you can download a full game from XBL..let me....Burnout says Hi..

N4360G3548d ago

Please make the Xbox 720 reliable Microsoft,and be sure to pump out quality games.

KarIostomy3548d ago

@ danja

inferior skate2
inferior Street fighter 4
Inferior 640p Gta4

only on PS3.

AAACE53548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Haha... I gotta call you out on the BS!

My original Xbox 1 was very reliable! I had it for about 4 years with no problems at all! The 360 has/had hardware issues, just like the Ps2 had hardware issues which contributed to me having to buy 5 Ps2's during last gen.

Windows isn't even considered remotely close to hardware, so what are you talking about?

Me and my wife have Zune's, and the only problems I can see are that people haven't latched on to it like the Ipods. We have run into no problems with the Zune.

So, are you speaking from fact, or fanboy ignorance?

@High Def 2.1

Sony's 10 year plan is the same as it is now. They will release the Ps4 and support the Ps3 and Ps4 at the same time like they are doing with the Ps2 and Ps3. If anything, the Ps4 will release 1-2 years after the next MS and Nintendo consoles release!

Danja3548d ago

come on dude you can do better than that , thats how you know a console is crap when you have to justify it's power bu Multi-plats..


Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain

says Hi....when the 360 has games that look like those come back and let me know...

hulud863548d ago

First off, this article is complete crap. The Xbox 360 has been out for three years and there won't be any talk of a new system for awhile.

Plus the Xbox 360 is a huge success, 8 million Xbox Live subscribers and over 836,000 were sold during black friday. I'm sure the 360 is here to stay for awhile. Throw this new system rumor talk in the garbage.

Mini Mario3548d ago

"If you think GRAPHICS don`t matter to people your very very wrong. As a beat draws people to the lyrics of a song, Graphics draw people to the gameplay of a game."

Well in that case the ps3 must be selling through the roof....*cough*

Mini Mario3548d ago

Yeh English is much more simple..good luck with the studies!

KarIostomy3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

come on danja.

You and i both know that multiplats run very poorly on the ps3.
90% of all console games are multiplats.

If the ps3 is so great and "going where the 360 can't" why do 90% of all games run better on the 360?

Have fun with kz2 and uc2. Everyone else will be having fun with the superior 360 multiplats (90%) and 360 exclusives (5%)

So yeah, you can have kz2 and uc2, or you *could* play the other 95% of superior games, on 360 of course. :)

It's undeniable and, frankly, embarrassing, to see you try to deny it.

godofthunder103548d ago

Ps3 fanboys need to start useing their damn minds if they can.The fact is that all 3 are working on a new systems,this include sony to.They just don't jump up 1 or 2 years before the new one comes out and make it that fast.Stop acting like bias dum [email protected]@es and use common since if yall can for a change.

PS360PCROCKS3548d ago

"Microsoft has histories of Hardware issues.
xbox, xbox 360, window xp, window vista, windows 7, zune.. list goes on and on..
I'd rather wait 6 months before i buy xbox 360 again.... nah"

Huh? The xbox was perfect, I haven't heard anything on Zune, 360 has had issues, and the other 3 are software you idiot.

Danja3548d ago

lol once again ur comeback is so lame is that..?

everyone knows that the only time a Milti-plat game suffers on the PS3 is when the 360 was the lead console in developing the game...

This isn't 2007 any more where you can brag about Multi-plats being better on the 360 ..those games now run the same on both consoles..

and once again if the 360 is so powerful..

show me games that can compete graphically with

Heavy Rain

i'll even go way back in 2007 to show you how crappy the 360 is ..

Uncharted and Heavenly Sword came out in 2007 and even now the 360 has yet to put games that can compete with those games...

No Way3548d ago

And, the PS3 has been adding things that the x360 has come with from day one. It goes both ways, bro.

KarIostomy3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Yeah, Danja.

My post is just stating facts. If you find that lame, then i feel kind of sorry for you.

And as for multiplats since 2007, did you forget the SF4 and Skate 2 i mentioned?
Those are the two *MOST* recent multiplats in existence!
Yet, they run better on the 360!

Word has it that Skate2 was even lead on ps3, while SF4 was concurrently developed on both.

How is it possible?
2009 multiplats (yes, you read right... 2009multiplats) *being led on ps3* and coming off worse? .... I guess you know the answer: The ps3 is just not capable, compared to the competition.

All things considered then, the ps3 still lags behind despite having its 2009 multiplats led on ps3, or concurrently developed.

Astounding, innit?

I am sorry to shut you down so severely. :(

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CrayzeeCarl3549d ago

One thing I've always wondered is how the console war would play out if the systems were not released close together. For example, MS releases the next system in late 2010, but the PS3 gets a couple price drops and can still compete, so Sony doesn't release a new system until, say late 2013.

You could say MS would have a 3 year lead on Sony, but with that much time, could you even consider the systems to be in the same generation, considering how fast technology advances?

HighDefinition3549d ago

For instance, the PS3 is more expensive than the 360. When they are close in price the PS3 outsells the 360 monthly. When the next XBOX gets released it will be much much more expensive than the PS3 and will probaly support BR, Which will leave Sony in a very good posistion for when the release their next system which will be more expensive the the Next Xbox. That`s what`s up w/ their 10 year plan, I think. That way the can have some breathing room and don`t have to rely on being part of a crowded market, cause 360 and WII will have to release their new system much quicker than Sony will have to. Balls in their court really.

CrayzeeCarl3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

HD, that's what I'm thinking.

But here's an interesting scenario - what if MS throws a monkey wrench into the console wars and puts out a casual system like the Wii, leaving the PS3/PS4 as potentially the only "hardcore" system?

king dong3549d ago

according to your theory, no one gets a new console when they are released, because they are all still buying the cheaper less powerful older hardware???????????

ok, some twisted logic you have there.

my theory, sony are scared of an early microsoft nintendo launch! this gen has proved that sony aren't invulnerable. and if m$ and ninty launch early, it's clear sony will have to follow suit, or be left behind.

CrayzeeCarl3549d ago

No, but during a worldwide economic crisis most people aren't going to want to buy a brand new console.

Argento-Nox3549d ago

@2.3 King Dong

People are still buying a last gen system called the PS2. If you didn't know, the PS2 outsold the 360 in Japan in 2008 by about 500K. Sony doens't have to be worried about the next MS/Nintendo console yet, since neither is remotely on the imminent horizon.

You don't seem to realize that when Sony releases the PS4, it'll have the PS3 and PSP2 to rely on as additional revenue, just like the PS3 now depends on the PS2 and PSP to equalize the losses from the PS3.

DeadlyFire3548d ago

Microsoft's new console is coming in 2010. To be revealed at E3 this year. PS4 is launching in 2011. 2013 is just too far away and all the hardware for PS4 is released in 2010. 2011 gives them a year to scale it around to a good position so they can test it and keep it from overheating. Like with the PS3. It will be a grand change though. At least 5 times as powerful as the PS3 I hope. 2012 is also to late. One year away from competition is one thing, but two is a different story. Even Nintendo won't risk something like that. They follow Sony's launch plan it seems.

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user39158003549d ago

Sony bots always afraid of new technology, because they suck at evirything they do.

Capt CHAOS3549d ago

The supposedly more powerful PS3 will be overshadowed by the next 360 and Sony will be forced to eat their '10 year plan'. Haven't seen anything to demonstrate that the PS3 is any more powerful than the 360 and if you're referring to KZ2, ANY game that takes 4 years to develop AND is an exclusive I'd expect it to be perfection (which KZ2 isn't - see

The only difference between the 360 follow-up and the PS3 follow up is ofcourse..
COMPATIBILITY, I bet the PS4 won't have that (again).

TheOutsider3549d ago

Shaped like a coffin to catch your x-bot souls in!!

3549d ago
Gobuz3548d ago

"The supposedly more powerful PS3 will be overshadowed by the next 360 and Sony will be forced to eat their '10 year plan'"

How do you work that out? The PS3 is out now and the PS2 is still being supported and sold, if a PS4 comes out in the next 2 years it will be the same thing.

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nightelfmohawk3549d ago

compared to how much the PS3 will probably cost by then?