First Blu-Ray Titles Delivered -- But Who's Watching?

Sony delivered its first high-definition video discs in the Blu-ray format to retailers Tuesday -- 15,000 units each of seven titles, including Hitch, 50 First Dates, Underworld: Evolution, and The Terminator. The only problem is that no players are available yet on which to play them, and it's unclear what the retailers will do with the discs before the players are available

bernie6185d ago (Edited 6185d ago )

Read this entertainment sites hands-on review:-

it makes for very interesting reading!

Guttersnype6185d ago

That was very interesting. Wonder if Samsung will have firmware updates as well. Guess it is best to wait.

Moostache6185d ago

Early production units are bug-filled messes.

Reason #1 on why I refuse to buy a launch unit PS3 (there are of course other reasons, but I really do believe the first batch of PS3's is gonna be a massive crap-shoot).

That article is hardly a resounding endorsement of Blu-Ray over HD-DVD...I think the format war is going to be very interestign over the next couple years, that is for sure.

AuburnTiger6185d ago

I don't see how anybodys mom hast to do with this post. Unless the mom in question had some part in the creation in Blu Ray or Sony in General. If you could shed light your comment it would be much appreciated.

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