UK Street Fighter IV sells most on PlayStation 3

Gamezine: "Sales of Capcom's Street Fighter IV lead on the PlayStation 3 after its UK launch.

Despite the smaller install base and the continued lower-than-Xbox 360 hardware sales, launch sales of Capcom's Street Fighter IV led on the PlayStation 3 at 53%, with 47% selling for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

The title fought its way to the top of this week's UK All Formats Chart, knocking off long time number one Wii Fit."

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Becoming quite a trend now, eh?

rroded3549d ago

lol wonder how much of it has to do with no piracy vs actual install base....

TheTwelve3549d ago

It's all due to the PS3 controller. You want to play the best players in SF IV around the world, you do it through the PS3.


king dong3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

wow, a multi-plat sells 6% more on the ps3, and it requires a pat-on-the-back thread....

oh i know, it must be for all the people who post on n4g that make money when sony has an "outselling" moment.

shakes head at screen.

gaffyh: it could be many things. perhaps the age demograph has something to do with it? in the uk, the 360 attracts a far older crowd. we've all grown up playing to death the past street fighters in the arcades and on past consoes, and many of my mates like me have absolutely no intention of getting this, tekken or any other fighters. the genre doesn't interest me anymore.

although a free roaming online co-op brawler i'm sure would go down pretty well...i wouldn't mind playing something like a modern streets of rage/double dragon

gaffyh3549d ago

I think it's mainly to do with the PS3 D-pad, also not all 360 owners are fighting game fans. Also 53:47 is not that huge of a difference, I mean yeah it's something, but it doesn't really need to be reported when the game has only been out for like a week.

ChampIDC3549d ago

Europe loves the PS3. This really isn't much of a surprise.

eagle213549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

This info speaks for itself.

Jamegohanssj53549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Wait until Tekken 6 if you want to see something funny. It will be Dragon Ball Z Burst Limits all over again. It will teach Namco-Bandai a lesson. Never release a Japan game on the PS3 and 360. Only on PS3 because it will generate the most money. DBZ Burst Limit sales were 90,000+ on PS3 compared to like 10,000+ on 360 first week in Japan. That's DBZ and we know that Tekken is huge in Japan. Honestly Namco-Bandai has pissed me off the worst of all developers this generation because of the DBZ and Tekken going multi platform.


IzKyD13313549d ago


Exactly, you can't play SF with the 360's crappy d-pad

shocky163549d ago

You're calling them awful devlopers because they make a game multiplatform? Lol. You my friend are absalutely pathetic. Go baaaaaw in the open zone, K?

eagle213549d ago

I guess I'm not surprised, but sad. Sad that PS3 is too awesome.

Jamegohanssj53549d ago

Shocky I refuse to even argue with some one that can't read.


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Don_Frappucino3549d ago

A game that beats wii bloody fit. Damn those fat middle aged women and their wii fit obsession!

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HardcoreGamer193549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Alot of people must like their games quality downscaled.

It's about time that a multiplatform game sells the most on PS3.

What is this the first one?

duarteq3549d ago

I think Not, a lot of people must like to play their fighting games with the best control. The down or up scaled issue is not a problem. I normally don´t play games with a 300 or 400 percent zoom. I do not think that you also play with zoom...

Get it.

ChampIDC3549d ago

Remember, this is just UK. Multiplat games tend to sell more on 360 in the US. Not sure how the whole picture is going to turn out, though, seeing that the 360 has a horrid D-pad.

Mindboggle3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

In the UK multi-platform sales are usually about equal like this and usually more on PS3 when its a fighting or sport game, but generally its equal. Unless its an FPS, which generally sell more on 360.

mastiffchild3549d ago

Someone said above somewhere that they thi9nk this is partly because the 360 demographic is older than the PS3s in UK but I think the opposite may be true. Many who've stayed with PS3 have been on the Sony systems for a decade of gaming by now whereas many early 360 adopters were those introduced to consoles by the first Xbox. Maybe this would explain why(along with the controller, Dpad for fightiong games on PS3 and shooters for some on the 360 with it's "triggers", issue)more bought SF4 and TR on the PS3-they grew as gamers playing both SF and TR games on Sony systems and associate them with Sony on some level and are loyal to these games they played before as well.

I would very much expect the same to happen when Tekken 6 comes out and for the same reasons. What I base my opinion of the PS3 demo being, maybe, o0lder is the loyalty built up(hence older gamers being more likely)over Sony playing time AND the fact that the PS3, for early buyers esp, was and is dearere and older people generally have more disposable income and better credit. Also it's more likely some parent will buy the cheaper Wii or 360 as presents for kids/teenagers as they're just cheaper.

Sarcasm3549d ago

It's more like a lot of "Gamers" like to play games, and not bicker over pixel differences.

And if you want to play SFIV without a hori stick, you play with a competent d-pad.

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aggh im on fire3549d ago

I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like streetfighter. Ive tried i really have but i just don't see what all the fuss about. I wouldn't have this if you gave it to me. Well thats not true i could trade it in i suppose.

DelbertGrady3549d ago

I'm with you on that one. I haven't cared much about fighting games since they stopped making games like Bushido Blade and Kengo. The gameplay of the fighting genre in general hasn't evolved at the same rate as other genres imo. Street Fighter IV is essentially a 2D game in a next-gen costume. It's probably awesome if you are a SF fan but I just can't get excited over it. It just feels old and pointless. Give me a new Bushido Blade though, and I will probably triple p (pee my pants in public).

johover1123549d ago

im a fan of the old Street Fighter games but for some reason, i just can't play this one. Idk why, it just doesn't feel natural? lol

Sarcasm3549d ago

I'm the opposite. Though I haven't played many fighting games, SFIV single handedly brought me back to playing fighting games.

Soul Caliber IV wasn't my cup of tea. DBZ Burst Limit was fun at first but didn't have lasting appeal. MK vs DC was fun at first, but also didn't have lasting appeal.

But now SFIV is the perfect balance between "old school" and "next-gen" and is just bloody fun to play against friends.

That's the key, you guys who don't like to play fighting games need to gather up with some friends, have a small tournament and then you will see the true essence of a street fighter game.

DelbertGrady3548d ago

"That's the key, you guys who don't like to play fighting games need to gather up with some friends, have a small tournament and then you will see the true essence of a street fighter game."

Well, most games are fun if you play them that way. Most sports games like football (not handegg) and hockey etc. Tiger Woods rocks as a tournament game. The difference is that most of these games have evolved since the 2D era and are fun to play by yourself as well.

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